Thursday, July 7, 2022
EntertainmentJanSport release backpack style bra

JanSport release backpack style bra

SOCIAL media users are in stitches after discovering American backpack brand JanSport created a sports bra that consists of two little backpacks. 

The bizarre bra is made up of a light pink bag on the left and a darker magenta pink bag on the right with black backpack straps for bra straps. 

The bra was designed in collaboration with New York-based designer, Nicole McLaughlin to raise funds for sustainability charity, Slow Factory Foundation.

The item was part of a six-piece, one-of-a-kind collection that customers could only win through a raffle. 

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The bra is made up of two little JanSport backpacks

The rest of the collection shows fishing vests, shorts, zipper slippers and camp seats made up of JanSport’s iconic bags.

Despite not being able to purchase the items, social media users have been left in stitches by the bizarre sports bra design.

Twitter user @nrherzog shared images of the custom-made item on social media on Tuesday, captioned: “I’m honestly crying, someone please buy this.”

The tweet has since gone viral after being shared 30,000 times and liked by almost 200,000 followers. 

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The campaign

Thousands of bewildered Twitter users thought the design was hilarious.

@lisloval said: “So you’re telling me, my t***ies could carry all of my necessities?” 

@cjthebiggestfoo wrote: “If I take a girls shirt off and this is underneath I would not be able to do anything but laugh for a solid five minutes.” 

@pimpisaur said: “Lemme just fit these over my 34H boobies real quick” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

@VollmayerOnFire commented: “When my wife asks me ‘help grab something out of the back of her bag,’ it’ll be a whole new experience.”

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Modelling the bra

The company shared an image of the model wearing the unique bra on Instagram, writing: “The girls are packed and ready to go.

“The JanSport x @nicolemclaughlin Jan-Sports Bra are available for you to get a chance to win tomorrow 4/19 at

“Proceeds will benefit @theslowfactory, a 501c3 public service organization operating as an open education institute, an independent research lab and new media platform, and a granting and empowerment fund.”

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