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5 Millionaires’ Cars That Will Inspire you to Greatness

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The world leading millionaires have shattered ceilings, scaled unimaginable heights, and created beautiful scenes with careers as big as their passions. Fancy, luxurious cars are important aspects of their self-expression, but most importantly, these vehicles are more of an essential piece of accessory for these affluent personalities whose connections to luxury cars are well known.

While we can only imagine the kind of lifestyle these multi-millionaires have, their luxury car collections shine a light on the superabundant life they lead. These cars give us a sneak peek into the characters of our favorite stars, some of whom are charmed by vintage rides while others obsess over luxury, extravagant, high-speed cars.

Here are 5 cars that give insight on how millionaires use luxury rides to make a statement;

Mercedes Maybach Exelero -Jay Z

Price; $8 million

World-famous multi-platinum billionaire rapper and entrepreneur, Jay-Z uses the Mayback Exelero to flaunt his status, influence, and wealth. He has never been one for modesty, anyway.

Fulda commissioned the Maybach Exelero in 2005 as a platform to test and market their fast-moving tyres. It became one of its kind, a statement of one of the extraordinary achievements of Maybach, then an industry giant. Mercedes also used the Maybach Exelero to pay tribute to the classic 1930 esteemed race cars.

The car weighs a hefty 5,836 pounds, with a V12, 700 HP twin-turbo. It can move to a top speed of 218 mph in 4.4 seconds. The astronomical price tag is justified with the exotic interiors trimmed to perfection using the finest luxury materials that also include helmets and race harnesses. Exelero’s splendid, fully customized design exteriors were inspired by the Maybach 57.

Exelero’s attraction to the rich and famous is still a mystery, but being one of the fastest and most expensive luxury cars, it seems more like a predictable choice.

Bentley Continental GT — Cristiano Ronaldo/ Kobe Bryant/ Oprah Winfrey

Price $300,000

Bentley Continental GT has always been a popular choice for the well-off folk looking for a healthy dose of speed, comfort, and a luxury pedigree similar to that of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. First introduced into the world in 2003, the Continental GT is loved and adored by the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo who like their wealth to be seen and heard for years to come.

By combining a certain level of nouveau-riche flair and the poise of a British luxury automobile company committed to manufacturing rides for the upper crust, the finer version of this grand-tourer can easily fetch up to $400,000.

With a staggering weight of 5,115 pounds, the Bentley Continental GT tips the scales and balances it off with a 626 HP, V12, twin-turbocharged engine that can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds. Bentley Continental GT is a blend of razor-edged handling and unmatched speed.

Continental GT’s well-appointed, high-tech metal and leather interiors are one of the best in the market. There is no better choice than the Bentley Continental GT when it comes to an option that can blow off competitors’ doors when the need arises.

Lamborghini Aventador — Nicki Minaj/ Kanye West

Price; $750,000

The rich celebrate their birthdays with over-the-top rich vibe presents. And that’s exactly what happened when Kanye West got the high-performance Lamborghini Aventador as a birthday gift from his wife Kim when they first started dating.

Designed with a vociferous V12, 6.5-liter engine, 730-plus-hp, and a flamboyant façade, the Lamborghini Aventador brings a nostalgic vibe into a world that relies heavily on technology. Whether it is in its convertible or coupe form, this Italian exotic ride is an obvious crowd-pleaser.

The Aventador is surprisingly athletic for its substantial girth and this is why the rich are obsessed with it. It is subtle and it can carve canyon roads and make logging laps exhilarating. In a typical Lamborghini luxury style, the Aventador is designed with scissor doors that swing open.

Whenever you select a new car drive mode, the digital gauge cluster on the dashboard will change its layout. There are several modes to select; Corsa, Strada, Sport, and Ego. The Ego mode allows you to customize settings for the suspension, powertrain, and steering.

Aventador S infotainment system comes with Apple CarPlay capability, voice commands, and performance data recorders. Customers are free to choose the upgraded audio systems which include tweeters and door-mounted subwoofers.

Ferrari LaFerrari – Lewis Hamilton

Price; $1,417,000

This is one of Ferrari’s crown jewels. Save a couple of million dollars and you can have this high-dollar sports car with an aircraft-like structure. It may not have wings, but it looks like it could just take off without any help at all.

LaFerrari combines a 6.3-liter, V12, KERS-Esque battery, and electric motors to give a powerful torque of 950bhp and 663lb-ft. As expected, this two-seat, carbon hybrid hypercar resembles a spaceship and glides as the best ride Ferrari has ever manufactured.

Only 499 have been created to this day. They are exclusively available to Ferrari’s super-rich and revered collectors; even then, they are sold out already. This car is so impressive, the Italian manufacturers decided to call it “The Ferrari” (LaFerrari).

Porsche 911—Rihanna

Price; $130,000

For more than 5 decades, Porsche 911 has remained resilient by maintaining its steadfast looks, and purposeful dynamics. Since 1963, the 911 has been upgraded only 8 times. The changes have sometimes been subtle but mostly they went deeper into the details.

The well-mannered Porsche 911 can swallow motorways or slide swiftly through traffic with ease. The glass view-out, kid-friendly rear seats, boot, and upright cabin all work wonders for this timeless classic.

The 911 embodies a race-hardened patrimony and the dynamics of its characteristics live up to the hype. It perfectly connects its chassis with the engine, and controls its balance with precision.

The Porsche 911 has maintained its greatness by mastering the art of evolution to thrill its affluent riders for many years. 911 has grown into a wide car with more grip and space for bigger tyres; its sticks like the hypercar it is.

With a 3.0-liter turbo engine, this car has powerful induction and exhaust systems, higher compression, and clever piezo injection. The bigger intercoolers are perfectly positioned to provide a quicker response. The 911 is nothing less than a diva with all the appeal.



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