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NewsNicola Sturgeon agrees to learn victory dance for Scots TikTok star if...

Nicola Sturgeon agrees to learn victory dance for Scots TikTok star if she wins election

The Scots leader made the deal with Scots social media star Jared Rowan on a group Zoom chat with Scottish content creators last night.

Jared, 21, had initially asked Nicola Sturgeon what her victory dance would be if she won the Scottish election next week.

Sturgeon mocked her own dance moves while giving a sly dig to Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross for being “cringe” when saying his song would be Atomic Kitten hit Whole Again.

However, although she didn’t disclose what victory dance song she would use, Sturgeon did agree to learn a victory dance if Jared composed it.

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The zoom call with Scottish content creators

The 50-year-old said she would learn the dance and “may” even record a TikTok video of it.

Jared, from Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, posted a snippet of the conversation onto his TikTok and Twitter yesterday.

He captioned the Twitter video: “Me and my pal Nicola on the Zoom.”

The video shows Jared asking: “So my question is, Dougie Ross was asked if it came to a dance-off for second place what his choice of song would be and that was Whole again by Atomic Kitten.

“When it comes to us winning, what is your victory dance song going to be?” 

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A zoom call with Nicola Sturgeon and Scots content creators

Sturgeon replied “Jared or Littlest Chicken, you don’t want to see me dance, you really really don’t.

“That Dougie Ross thing with Atomic Kitten…I mean talk about cringe.

“I mean seriously that guy needs help or better advice or something.

“I’m going to try to avoid that.

“How about for our victory I get you to compose something special and then I will learn to dance to it, then we will see where that takes us?

“I can maybe even do a TikTok of it!”

Delighted by the proposal, Jared responded: “Brilliant, I’ll hold you to that.” 

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The TikTok star

Sturgeon then replied: “ I’ll hold you to that as well.” 

The TikTok has been shared across Twitter with social media users in stitches over the conversation. 

The video has been viewed almost 250,000 times across social media.

@JoshAaronMennie said: “Talk about cringe” followed by a crying laughing emoji. 

@nikita_romanovs said: “She’s absolutely brilliant – ‘that guy needs help or better advice or something’.

“We will be holding you to that @monehchickens – will be waiting eagerly for a TikTok with Nicola Sturgeon.” 

@Kionnic4 added: “Gawn yersel!! Looking forward to the song and Nic’s dance routine.” 

The Scots TikTok star is known for his popular “Phoning the Cooncil” video and has over 435,000 followers on the video sharing website.

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