“Wildlife video of the year” Mystery prankster takes over trail cam with soft toy hedgehog


A SCOTS wildlife enthusiast has shared a hilarious video showing how a prankster visited his trail cam with a soft toy hedgehog.

Colin Smith couldn’t stop laughing when he looked back at his wildlife cam footage and spotted the fictional, fluffy, toy appearing in the woods in Kelty, Fife last week.

However, a mystery visitor decided to visit the spot with a stuffed toy hedgehog to ambush the camera footage.

The clip shows the brown and white critter approaching the camera and coming right up to the lense for a closer look.

The prankster’s hands can be seen in the shot as the cuddly toy begins playing peek-a-boo with the camera.

A wooden bird house attached onto a tree can be seen in the background as the little hog continues to come in and out of shot.

Finally, the stuffed toy takes a peek upside down before leaving the scene.

Colin posted the footage onto Facebook on Monday prompting viewers to call it the “wildlife video of the year”.

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The soft toy hedgehog

He wrote: “Here’s what happens when, rather than squirrels and pine martens, someone with a sense of humour finds your trail camera. 

“If you recognise your hedgehog, thank you for leaving my camera alone and giving us all a laugh.”

More than 200 social media users have liked the video, whilst dozens have left comments.

Natasha Anderson said: “I’m sure that’s a really rare kind of hedgehog you have captured there.” 

UK News
The fluffy toy took over the wildlife cam

Another user wrote: “This has just brightened up my day.” 

While one Facebook follower commented: “That’s amazing, wildlife video of the year.” 

Speaking today, Colin said: “The camera is set up and I usually go by every few days to change over the memory cards and watch to see anything it may have picked up.

“So I was reviewing the footage and then this came up. I had a good chuckle at it.

“Someone has clearly spotted it as they were approaching as the person doesn’t come into shot at all throughout the footage.”