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Line of Duty star Martin Compston urges Tories to stop sending him flyers

LINE of Duty star Martin Compston has urged the Scottish Conservatives to stop sending flyers to his Scots address.

The Greenock-born actor took to Twitter this morning asking them to do him, the postman and the environment a favour by not sending leaflets to his address.

Compston, who lives in Las Vegas but also owns a home in Greenock, shared an image of the flyer showing his name and part of his Scots address.

Martin Compston tweet| Scottish News
The line of duty star slated the Tories on twitter this morning

The flyer was signed by Scottish Conservative’s Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross, urging Compston to vote for them.

Last night Compston took part in an online rally, aired before the Line of Duty finale on BBC, urging Scots to vote for the SNP.

The 36-year-old posted about his unwanted mail on Twitter this morning, writing: “I see Scottish Tory Twitter and their bots enraged an actor would express an opinion.

“Apparently it isn’t valid either as they claim I don’t live here.

“In that case could you do me, the postman and the environment a favour and stop sending me literature asking for my vote.”


Martin Compston | Scottish News
Martin Compston who urged the Scottish Conservative party to stop sending him flyers

Compston’s tweet has been liked over 16,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments from followers.@LozWK94 said: Why people would vote for a party who’s main manifesto is to stop what another party is going to do is… amazing.

“What are they going to do for Scotland except block an independence referendum?!”

@l_inn9 wrote: “Loved last night’s episode, great stuff Tories are just a toxic soup designed to suck the joy out of life, leave them to stew in their own poisonous greed.

“Can’t wait to watch your new series, what a brilliant time you are having! Well done that lad from Greenock.”

@McGettiganIrene said: “Get them telt, funny because they were happily trolling out all those celebs in 2014 and most of them didn’t never lived here and were never Scottish.”

And @hettybell commented: “I’ve never understood why people think actors and others in the public eye shouldn’t be allowed to have or express political opinions.

“It’s not like you sign away your right to free thought or expression with your first contract.”

Martin Compston tweet| Scottish News
The tweet received mixed reaction from Twitter users

However, some social media users weighed into the post to criticise Compston.

@maxMK18 suggested that the actor should not be so vocal on political matters: “Do you pay income tax here? Do you have kids and if so are they schooled here?

“Do you frequently drive on the roads? Do you regularly use the local shops? Do you ever require the use of the health services or emergency services here?

“If not – I don’t think you should be so vocal.”

@san50mac added: “A bloody holiday flat, come back and pay income tax!

“Oh no you’re too tight fisted!”

Compston responded to one critic writing: “Hey Susan hope yer in tip top form, I know it doesn’t fit the hate the Indy actor narrative but I pay top rate tax in Scotland, always have.

“Not through a company as is my right and would substantially lower my tax.

“I believe those who earn a bit more should pay a bit more.”

Compston bought a flat in Greenock earlier this year so he could be closer to his parents.

Last night the Scot urged Scots not to leave the outcome of Thursday’s election to chance, calling on them to back Nicola Sturgeon in the ballot.

He made the plea in an online rally, which aired shortly before the Line Of Duty finale.

Compston was joined by other high-profile SNP supporters, including actors Alan Cumming and crime writer Val McDermid.

He told voters: “Scotland’s future is in your hands. Don’t leave it to chance.

“The only way to make sure we re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister is to make it #BothVotesSNP.

“Make sure you and all your pals get out to vote.”

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