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The Greatest Moments in Football History


Hardcore fans regard football as the greatest sport in the world. It is adored for being simple and easy to learn. Football is also very affordable and convenient to play. The sport has also changed the lives of millions of people across the globe.

The game has massive popularity and viewership. Players are treated like gods by passionate fans. Gamers love to play football on their PlayStations, and those who enjoy playing judi online and other casino games also love to bet on the matches.

The game also has a very vibrant history and character, with many memorable and legendary moments. In this article, we will see the greatest moments in football history.

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The Spanish Reign That Lasted From 2008 to 2012

Spain has always loved its football and has prided itself on having many talented athletes in football history. The team became very spirited and started realizing its potential from 2008 to 2012, and this period is regarded as “The Spanish Reign.”

The head coach for the team then was Luis Aragones, who is considered to have changed the very history of football for Spain. The Spanish team tasted its success first with the 2008 European Championship and went on to win the 2012 World Cup and the 2012 EUROs.

“I Made Brazil Cry”

Paolo Rossi, an Italian striker, is well known for knocking Brazil out of competition. The match is still etched in Brazil’s memory and is called the “Sarria Tragedy”. It was quite a surprise to witness a poorly performing Rossi come to tremendous form after returning from a betting scandal. His autobiography was titled “I made Brazil cry” to honour his contribution to team Italy.

The Hand of God

Diego Armando Maradona will be forever remembered for his “hand of god” in the 1986 Mexico World Cup. The legendary Argentinian footballer used his hand to score a goal against West Germany when he found himself very close to the keeper in the box. Maradona himself regarded the goal as divine intervention by God, and fans and critics viewed it as “The Goal of the Century”.

Ronaldinho Receives Applause from Real Madrid Fans

Ronaldinho’s spectacular performance at the Bernabeu in November 2005, where he scored goals against Real Madrid, made him a legend. He was lauded for his incredible speed, energy and vigour. His performance was so stellar and out of the world that Bernabeu gave him a standing ovation when he scored the third goal for team Barcelona.

The Brazilian Humiliation of 2014

When the 2014 world cup was held in Brazil, people expected Brazil to perform very well as it was the team’s home ground. Neymar, in particular, was playing so well for the Brazilian team that people had very high hopes of Brazil lifting the cup. Unfortunately, he got injured in the quarterfinals when playing against Uruguay, and so, he couldn’t turn up for the semi-final match against Germany where Germany won 7-1. This was regarded as the biggest humiliation Brazil had ever faced in football history.

The Ball from The Sky

In the 1988 World Cup, when Argentina played against the Netherlands, there was a very memorable moment when Netherlands footballer Frank De Boer hit the ball so hard that it went soaring for 60 yards. It was almost touching the sky. This was when Argentinian footballer Dennis Bergkamp decided to seize the moment. He was keenly waiting for the ball, and the moment it reached him, he made a spectacular goal.

When Greece won against Portugal

In the Euro 2004 Final, the Greece team’s striker Charisteas made Greece shine with pride by scoring three goals against Portugal. It was one of the most significant underdog moments in the history of football. Although Greece never quite performed well after Euro 2004, it garnered a deep respect for what it did in its match with Portugal.

Liverpool’s Comeback In the 2005 Champion’s League Finals

When Milan had scored three goals against Liverpool at half time, Liverpool suddenly found itself suddenly beating the odds and turning the whole match around. Steven Gerrard scored a goal with a header which got the team all riled up to win. It was a quick turn of events that left Milan taken aback.

France in the 1998 World Cup

When France played against Croatia in the 1998 World Cup semi-finals, Lilian Thuram was famous for scoring two remarkable goals while still having a calm, composed and icy demeanor. His performance was the reason France held their first World Cup trophy. He is also known for having 142 football match appearances in fourteen years.

To Sum Up

Football is always capable of surprising us with the limitless possibilities the way a match can begin and end. It is known to keep the fans in the stadium always on the edge of their seats. The sport has an all-consuming entertainment quality to it, where you are transported into a completely different world. It comes off as no surprise that the sport enjoys popularity on such a gigantic scale.