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McDonald’s customer fuming after McMuffin arrives with nothing inside

A MCDONALD’S customer was left fuming after ordering a McMuffin which arrived with nothing inside.

Alex James said he was “gutted” on Saturday when he discovered that his Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin lacked its two key ingredients – sausage and egg

The 26-year-old had ordered his disappointing MacDonald’s breakfast from the Belle Vale in Liverpool branch using Uber Eats.

Empty McMuffin | Food and Drink News UK
Alex was gutted and baffled to find that his McMuffin had nothing inside it.

The civil servant was left baffled at the fast food fail after spotting that the receipt had been stamped, confirming the order had been checked.

Alex posted a photograph of his empty looking £2.89 McMuffin on Twitter later that day, writing: “How’s it even possible to forget to put the double sausage and egg in a… double sausage and egg McMuffin @McDonalds? 

“Find me who’s responsible. 

“I want this man to be no more.”

The image shows Alex’s hand holding open a crisped muffin, revealing its empty innards. 

Empty McMuffin | Food and Drink News UK
One user joked in reply to the culinary disaster, saying: “Bro got a McNuffin.”

Alex’s post has gained over 42,000 likes, 3,000 retweets and dozens of comments from social media users – with some describing it as a “McNuffin”.

@VernalNox wrote: “This has happened to me before and it just leaves you baffled. 

“Like how is it even possible to do this? 

“I couldn’t make a mistake like this even if I tried.”

@Stingymcbumcrac said: “Look for the positives. 

“You’ve not just taken five minutes off your life.”

@samduff23_ retweeted the image saying: “Bro got a McNuffin”.

@SD091 joked: “He’s no lovin it anyways.”

@MelG13x commented: “Someone was hungover at work today.”

Speaking today Alex said: “I ordered it for delivery on Uber eats from Belle Vale Liverpool.

“When it arrived you could tell there was something up as the packaging was so thin.

“When I opened it there were only two buns.

“Uber eats refunded £1.80 which isn’t even the price of a Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

“The receipts had stamps saying the order had been checked but obviously something had gone wrong as there were no contents in the McMuffin and we received about seven hash browns instead of three.

“I was baffled and gutted! But the reaction to it has been funny.”

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