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Care home resident, 84, volunteers as care assistant to help out staff

AN 84-YEAR-OLD care home resident has volunteered to work as a care assistant at her own home to help out staff.

Maureen Townend expressed to staff at Flower Park Care Home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, where she is a resident, how much she would like to be a care assistant.

After haggling with carers, the care home finally allowed the caring OAP to work as a volunteer amongst her friends and other residents.

84 year old care volunteer | UK News
Maureen was lucky enough to fashion her own blue carers uniform.                                           (C) Flower Park Care Home

The former receptionist now lends a helping hand by folding towels and sheets and setting the tables for meal services. 

Maureen has also given her time to help treat fellow residents to a nice slice of cake, whilst also ensuring everyone is refreshed by doing the rounds with the drinks trolley. 

One heartwarming image shows Maureen smiling as she shows off her very own blue care assistant uniform. 

Another image shows Maureen with a blue apron on while she poses up happily behind a trolley filled to the brim with beverages.

The Flower Park Care Home shared Maureen’s wonderful contribution to Facebook last Wednesday writing : “We would like to introduce to our lovely resident Maureen. 

“Maureen was talking to staff this morning and told us she would like to become a care assistant, we explained to Maureen that it’s our turn to look after her, she then said she would like to help us where she can. 

84 year old care volunteer | UK News
The 84 year old also did the rounds with the drinks trolly.                                                          (C) Flower Park Care Home

“So Maureen agreed to be our new volunteer, she’s going to help folding towels and sheets and set the tables up for meal service. 

“She can’t wait to start her new role and says she loves feeling part of the team in her very own uniform.”

The heartwarming post soon went viral on Facebook, with it now holding over 13,000 likes, 9,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

Facebook users were moved by Maureen’s new role.

Anne Hester wrote: “God bless her.

“It’s lovely the home are for going along with this, it will make her feel needed.”

Angela Flynn Ferguson said: “Well done Maureen and to this amazing care home for giving residents their dignity, self respect and a purpose in life.” 

Ann Hall commented: “Bless her what a lovely thing to do, obviously a very caring home.

“Well done.”

84 year old care volunteer | UK News
Maureen was delighted to help hand out slices of cake to her fellow residents.                            (C) Flower Park Care Home

Hanni Jane Maeer replied: “This is so gorgeous.

“How wonderful for Maureen to be able to take part in the running of her home.

“I know this is the thing my grandparents really missed when they were in residential care.

“I’m sure Maureen is loving keeping busy.”

Speaking today Deputy Manager of Flower Park Care Home, Danielle Savage, said: “The residents have loved it, it’s been encouraging others to help out with things too. 

“Activities aren’t necessarily always being sat around playing bingo or board games, it’s about doing what the residents want to do. 

“When she’s giving teas and cakes out she always has a huge smile on her face, she loves it. 

“It’s a boost of morale for us (the carers) to see her so happy as well.

“It opened our eyes a bit to see that it’s more important to stimulate the residents doing something they enjoy, and not just doing group activities. 

“I think it gives her a sense of purpose.

“After all, it’s their home, so why shouldn’t they be able to do what they want?”

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