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Scots private school teacher who “let pupil stay with him and humiliated another” faces being struck off

A FORMER Scots private school teacher faces being struck off after allegedly letting a pupil stay at his home and berating another who he called “dumb”.

Mr Bing Wang, a former Art teacher at £12,000-per-year Glenalmond College boarding school in Perth, faces being struck off after the incidents dated 2017 and 2018.

The 44-year-old allegedly called one pupil “stupid” and an “idiot” in front of a class full of fellow students.

He also allegedly told the same pupil that she would “never make as much money as me.”

Mr Wang is accused of letting a pupil stay with him during a half term holiday in April of 2017 without letting fellow members of staff aware.

He also faces being struck off for painting on his pupils examinations for them, allowing them extra time and permitted them to use their mobile phones during exams.

According to Deputy Head Sarah Sinclair, Mr Wang allegedly encouraged pupils of Chinese ethnicity to report a fellow Art teacher as being racist.

Scots private school teacher faces being struck off - Scottish News
Pictured: The entrance to Glenalmond College in Perth.

Speaking today at the hearing, Deputy Head of Glenalmond and Children’s Security Officer Sarah Sinclair told the panel: “Mr Wang raised an issue that some of the Chinese pupils had been racially insulted by another teacher.

“I then had a meeting with one of the pupils Mr Wang had mentioned who did not seem remotely concerned about the incident.

“Their next class was with Mr Wang and I then received an email from that pupil shortly after which was filled with concern and completely different from our meeting.

“Another teacher then found a note from Mr Wang to the pupil which had words similar to the email I received written on it.”

With regards to the pupil staying with Mr Wang, Mrs Sinclair said: “He [Mr Wang] became a guardian to a pupil under the family friend category.

“The school then updated the guardian policy to be only family and it was agreed he could continue to be guardian as most of the pupils he had guardianship over had only months left of school.

“A pupil then stayed with him when he was not their guardian however and after the new policy came in.”

“Mr Wang told me that the pupil told him he wasn’t happy where he was staying and the pupil then stayed with him.”

“I wouldn’t anticipate a member of staff to offer a pupil to come stay with them.”

Mr Wang departed from Glenalmond College boarding school in August 2018 – just months after the allegations were said to have taken place.

He failed to attend the virtual hearing this week but has strenuously denied all charges brought against him.

The GTCS charges read: “When employed as Head of Art at School A, you did allow Pupil A to stay at your home during the half-term holiday in or around April 2017.

“On or around 27 June 2017, during a discussion with…say ‘If I make them cry then so be it. Crying isn’t necessarily a bad thing is it’ or words to that effect.

“On 25 January 2018 state that you had a full GTC Scotland registration when you knew that your registration status was provisional.

“In or around March 2018, make inappropriate comments to Pupil B causing her to become upset, including saying that she was ‘stupid’ and an ‘idiot’, ‘you will never make as much money as me’ or and ‘all the teachers think you are dumb’.

“Between February and May 2017, failed to follow the Joint Council for Qualifications protocol by painting on the examination of pupils, failing to follow examination timings, allowing pupils to possess mobile phones during examinations.

“Your conduct above was dishonest and lacked integrity.”

The hearing continues.

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