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Dodgy phantom removalists operations on the rise in Melbourne. Get insights to hiring a removalist.


When it comes time to moving houses, you can bet that it definitely can be a stressful time. Looking at everything you own and asking the question? Do I really own that much stuff? Do I have to somehow organize how to get all this from X to Y? Simply asking these 2 questions can overwhelm you in the never-ending tasks at hand when moving.

When faced with this problem, many Australians will rather pay for someone else to do it for them such as the local removalist, if you are moving down the road, or removalists interstate if you moving across borders.

These professionals will turn up when you book them, pack, label and transport your belongings from door to door in a large enough truck taking the load all at once.

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However, as more and more people rely on these services you will also discover there are more phantom removalist operations all around the country on the rise who will take you for a ride.

In Melbourne it is important to do your due diligence and background check before committing to using any type of removalists Melbourne services. You want to be absolutely sure that your belongings that leave with the removalists company are going to arrive at the doorstep of your new house. Doing a little background check will give you at least some form of peace of mind.

From an insurance standpoint, it is best to ensure that you have organized transit insurance through an insurance broker if things are of high value or things you would like to be covered for just in case damages occur during a move. Many removalists will not cover for damages and will only have goods in transit cover, which only covers your items in the event of fire, flood or in the event that the truck overturns. So be sure to ensure you are covered and don’t assume that your home and contents insurance will cover this. Most policies cover those items in the house and not whilst on the road.

Get the insight to what raises red flags when it comes to hiring a removalist.

  1. Do you due diligence check if they have an Australian Business Number(ABN)

Simply checking that businesses ABN is valid and current is an important step as it shows that they are legitimate and operating and at least properly registered through the Australian Business System.

  1. Check if the removalist company is insured for Public Liability.

Public Liability insures the removalist company against any injury to third parties or property damage whilst on the job. This is important to have particularly in this line of work where accidental damage can occur frequently.

  1. Can you get a hold of them over the phone when required?

The last thing you need is to hand over your hard-earned cash and the removalist disappear in thin air like the phantom. So, ensure that there are at least a few avenues of communication and you can get a hold of them when problems arise.

  1. Understand your contract and charges

Have a copy of your contract and ensure you are paying for what is stipulated. Whether that be door to door or depot to depot. As long as you have agreed on these charges and they don’t suddenly change for no apparent reason. Even find out if there are any additional charges that can occur to eliminate any financial burden if you go ahead.

  1. What payment methods are preferred and if invoices are provided.

There should be no reason to only accept cash these days and especially during a pandemic when businesses are steering away from accepting cash. If a business only accepts cash, it may be a red flag and you may want to steer away. There is no reason for a business to only accept one for of payment these days unless they want the transaction to be untraceable.

  1. Check reviews from at least 2 sources.

The more sources you find with positive reviews linking the removalist company the better. Negative reviews are important as well, as it shows whether the customer actually has a valid point and reasoning behind their rating or is just being unfair and unreasonable towards the business itself. Reviews provide a good measure towards the overall performance of a business and trustworthiness.