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EntertainmentBaffled mum wakes up to heap of stone-cold Domino's on doorstep

Baffled mum wakes up to heap of stone-cold Domino’s on doorstep

A BELFAST mum woke up to find a heap of stone-cold food from Domino’s left on her doorstep after her drunk son passed out on the sofa and forgot about his delivery. 

Patricia Livingstone was baffled to find a pizza, two sides and another bag of treats lying on her doormat on Sunday at their home in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The civil servant was able to put two and two together after spotting her 20-year-old son Joe passed out on their sofa after going out on his first night out since lockdown.

Drunk student missed Dominos delivery | Food and Drink News UK
The Domino’s order in question.                                                                                                 (C) Patricia Livingstone

In a drunken state, student Joe had ordered some late night snacks when he came home but completely passed out by the time the delivery driver arrived.

Joe managed to completely forget about the order and slept through the delivery driver pressing the doorbell when they arrived.

Patricia posted a photograph on Twitter later that day showing what she was met with on her doorstep on Sunday morning.

She wrote: “When your big son goes back out for a first night out after lockdown, orders pizza on Just Eat then falls fast asleep on the sofa and you open your door next morning to this.”

The image shows a large red Domino’s pizza box balanced on top of a brown paper bag on the black rubber doormat.

On top of the large red box are two smaller blue boxes which have small garlic dips.

Patricia’s post now holds over 6,900 likes, with hundreds of retweets and comments of users relating to the unfortunate mishap. 

Patricia Livingstone woke up to Domino's on her doorstep | Food and Drink News UK
Patricia Livingstone woke up to find a heap of stone-cold food from Domino’s left on her doorstep.

@MicheleWylie1 wrote: “Ha! At least he got it delivered to the right address. Mine went to a party then phoned in a panic… I had to make a midnight dash to get it to him.”

@roisin_robinson said: “My daughter did exactly the same thing last night. 

“Only the full pizza was found in the wardrobe!”

@BelBarney commented: “It was nice of your son to think of your breakfast.”

@theactualcathal joked: “Well y’know, when life gives you pizza, make… Eat the pizza.”

Speaking today Patricia said: “I really can’t believe the attention it has got. 

“I think so many people can identify with it.”

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