Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Amazing video shows heavy snowfall in Scottish Highlands

AMAZING video shows heavy snowfall in the Scottish Highlands as many parts of the country gets issued with yellow weather warning.

Lee Schofield from Carrbridge, Badenoch and Strathspey recorded the incredible footage this morning.

The clip shows thick snow falling from the sky and coated the ground in footage that looks like it was filmed during winter.

Lee, 47, said that he hasn’t seen snow fall this heavy at this time of year since he moved to Carrbridge seven years ago. 

The footage shows a winter wonderland, where snow is falling gracefully through the sky.

Buildings, sheds, cars and roads are all shown to be covered in fresh white snow. 

The snowfall caused a whiteout across the village this morning but within hours has started to thaw.

Lee recorded the footage on a live stream through his Highland and Islands Weather page on Facebook today.

The clip has gained over 400 likes, 100 shares and dozens of comments from Facebook users hoping for better weather. 

Snow in May in Scottish Highlands | Scottish Weather News
During his seven year stay in Carrbridge, Lee has never seen snow so heavy fall during May.

Angela Herbertson wrote: “Looks lovely for December not May!”

Cath Feggans said: “I’ll unpack my swimsuit and sunglasses then!”

Liz Noble replied: “Where is summer?”

Karen Blanchard joked: “Wow, are you sure it’s the 6th of May!”

Andrea Macaulay commented: “Coming down thick and fast in Tomatin too! 

“Sick of the stuff!”

Speaking today Lee said: “I knew snow would fall overnight but I was surprised to see the intensity of it and how much had fallen so fast.

Snow in May in Scottish Highlands | Scottish Weather News
After Lee took the video the snow soon turned to rain and the temperatures rose.

“Snow is not uncommon in May here in Carrbridge but we have not seen it in recent years.

“We have only been here seven years and I have not seen it in that time.

“It snowed off and on all night but has now turned to rain with a rapid thaw, temperatures are now rising and so is the snow line. 

“That is the last of it.

“Snow is nice in winter, not now! 

“We have had a long winter with temperatures as low as -20c in February, we are looking for warmth now.”

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