Notorious seagull named “Gus” filmed shoplifting tuna sandwich from Co-op


HILARIOUS footage shows a notorious seagull walking into a Co-op and shoplifting a tuna sandwich from the store.

Veberley Macdonald captured a relentless gull, known to locals as Gus, as he went robbing in Co-op on Union Street, Aberdeen yesterday.

The hungry gull was shown walking into the store to seek out some lunch and trying to pick up two separate sandwiches to take outside and eat.


The determined gull can be seen struggling to carry one sandwich in its beak so tries for another before finally managing to secure a Tuna sarnie.

As it casually makes its way out of the shop, the automatic doors only open to allow the seagull escape when a customer begins walking in.

Another customer then tries to get hold of the stolen item but the seagull manages to make a lucky escape.

The video ends just as the “Gus” is shown pecking away at the sandwich outside the store.

Bystander Veberley Macdonald, 35, captured the footage and posted it on Facebook, writing: “You’ll never believe who I ran into on the way to work this morning…MY BUDDY GUS!!!”

Hundreds of social media users have shared the post and left comments.

Cheryl-Anne Stewart commented: “I drove past him a few days ago and he had a sandwich”

Jennifer Baird wrote: “God, sometimes I really do miss Aberdeen and how absolutely mental it is!”

Gintare Ratkute added: “Love it!”

Gus entering the shop to seek out his lunch| Viral Video News
“Gus” the seagull entering the Aberdeen Co-op to pinch a Tuna sandwich                   (C) Veberley Macdonald

This was not the first time that Kimberley managed to capture footage of Gus in action.

Last month, the sale assistant racked up over 11,000 views for another video of the seagull emerging from the same shop.

In the clip, the gull is shown tottering around outside the store as pedestrians walk by.

The seagull then makes its way in and a few seconds later can be seen emerging back outside with another sandwich in its mouth.

A customer tries to navigate the gull back into the shop by blocking him off with his foot.

Customer tries to stop seagull from escaping with sandwich| Viral Video News
Co-op customer trying to stop the pesky seagull escaping with the goods                            (C) Veberley Macdonald

But the gull doesn’t seem deterred at all and just walks off to the bus stop directly across from the shop to peck its way into the sandwich.

Speaking today Veberley Macdonald said: “It seems to be every day that I see Gus, I see him most mornings or afternoons.

“At first it was crisps he was stealing now it’s sandwiches.

“I thought it was so funny at first he seems quite clever”