The spirit of radio: BBC host and whisky fan pairs his favorite music with the Water of Life


AN Edinburgh whisky society has teamed up with a radio presenter to pair his favourite music with Scotland’s national drink.

The BBC Radio Scotland presenter, Vic Galloway, has been broadcasting weekly on BBC Radio 1, BBC Scotland and BBC 6 Music for over 22 years.

Using his knowledge of both music and whisky, Mr Galloway will explore the relationship between the two worlds.

Mr Galloway as well as being an author of two music books, a DJ and musician is also a avid malt whisky fan and member of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. (SMWS)

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Vic Galloway has a knowledge of both music and whiskey which is why he will be mixing both together.

He has come up with his pick of perfect genres to match the Society’s flavour profiles.

In the mix is the Society’s ‘Young & Spritely’ flavour profile being likened to the genre ‘Dream Pop’, with its “effervescent and sweet, joyous and uplifting exuberance that seems utterly timeless and forever young”.

The Scottish broadcaster said: “Music and whisky go together like, well, music and whisky!

“There’s nothing better than sitting back with like-minded friends and sharing experiences.

“And that is what The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is all about.

“Enjoy an SMWS dram and check out my music & whisky pairings online.

“It’s been a lot of fun… and you might find a few surprises in there!

“If you’ve not already, I encourage you to become a member of this phenomenal organisation, which in my eyes really is the world’s most entertaining whisky club. Slainte!”

Vic Galloway - Food and Drink News Scotland
Vic Galloway is a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Mr Galloway will be chatting all things music and whisky on the SMWS ‘Virtual Pub’ being streamed to members on Friday 7th May.

The Vic Galloway campaign launches in time to support the Society’s May events listings as the SMWS Members’ Rooms are re-opening.

Events include a ‘Welcome Back to The Vaults Tasting’, as well as a Whisky Festival Tasting which brings festival bottlings to The Vaults, the spiritual home of the Society in Edinburgh.

There will also be tasting events taking place at Glasgow’s Bath Street Members’ Room throughout May, where members can bring guests.