Scots coffee shop offer free drinks to anyone who fills black bags with litter


A SCOTS coffee shop is offering free drinks to anyone that fills black bin bags full of litter.

Uplands Roast, based across from popular park, The Meadows in Edinburgh, has agreed to swap one drink over for any bags that are two thirds full of rubbish.

The Vietnamese coffee brewer has offered the incentive in a bid to clean up the area which has become rife with litter left by groups visiting the nearby area.

front of Uplands roast coffee| Environment News
Staff are encouraging any willing locals the use of their litter pickers and black bags.                             (C) Uplands Roast

Staff are offering any willing locals the use of their little pickers and black bags, which are placed at the side of their stall.

Uplands Roast advertised their eco friendly promotion to Facebook on Sunday, writing: “Hi Folks,

“Just to let you all know that we have litter pickers and bags available to use whenever you like. I had posted this on Instagram though was advised to share with you all here.

“Don’t feel the need to ask (unless you wish to) just come and take what you need and feel free to ask for more bags if required.

“All the best.”

Having been shared around social media the environmentally friendly deal collected over 1,700 likes, with dozens of users left impressed by the idea. 

One user wrote: “Fantastic idea! 

“Thank you!”

Whilst another said: “Amazing! 

“I love this!

One member commented: “Great idea guys!

“More people like you please.”

Another user agreed: “Great idea.”

Despite posts on social media gaining noticeable traction, Uplands Roast owner, Stuart Collins is yet to see many people take advantage of the offer. 

coffee shop owner| Environment News
Uplands Roast owner Stuart Collins, 27, hopes people will take the opportunity to grab a free drink.            (C) Stuart Collins

Speaking today Stuart Collins, Uplands Roast owner said: “I was amazed to see the reaction our litter picking Instagram story got with about 1.7 thousand people reacting to a post on Facebook about it.

“People seem to be taking the bags and litter pickers though which is great to see.

“But hardly anyone has taken us up on the offer of a free drink. 

“We thought Uplands Roast should provide litter pickers and bags as people in the area have mainly taken it upon themselves to clean up litter in the meadows. 

“It is nice to help out in whatever way we can.”

“Anyone who brings a full bag of litter collected in the meadows is welcome to any hot or cold drink that we sell.”

The Meadows has been hitting headlines over recent months due to the amount of people gathering there as lockdown continues to ease.

large groups of people littering in the meadows| Environment News
Restrictions on outdoor gatherings at the meadows are strict as groups of people have been misbehaving.            (C) Anna Kosler

Shocking images surfaced showing the popular park filled with discarded bottles and litter.

Last month the City of Edinburgh Council tweeted: “Avoid a fine – don’t go drinking in the Meadows or other parks. It’s against the coronavirus restrictions law. Be safe.”

Council Leader Adam McVey said at the time: “Over the coming weeks there will be additional patrols by our Park Rangers and Street and Environment Enforcement Officers who will hand out black bags, give advice on litter management and if necessary issue fines. 

“There will also be increased presence of police officers and the Council’s CCTV resources to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying the park. 

“It’s important that everybody takes responsibility for their behaviour in our parks and considers fellow visitors to the park and neighbouring residents.”