Man with Muscular Dystrophy reflects on photo from an online exhibition


A MAN with muscular dystrophy has decided to take part in an online photograph exhibition.

Joe Logue, from Renfrewshire’s disability and mental ill-health experience has fostered a passion for advocacy and sharing his story with others.

Mr Logue, 36, has been writing and blogging as Dystrophy Dad for two years, sharing his life and the experience of being a disabled father with the world.

Mr Logue said: “This is important as talking about difficult situations openly reduces stigma and helps people realise they are not alone:

“Even the strongest among us, need help sometimes.”

Photo - Health News Scotland
Joe chose an image titled Light at the end of the Tunnel to reflect on for this exhibition.

He said: “Creativity is my medicine, the light I seek when days are dark.

“Childhood is often the only time we are allowed to play and to indulge in our creativity, before the burdens of work and adult life take hold.

“We’re free to explore in the forest of our mind, to waste time making mistakes and find out where our talents lie.

“All any of us aspire to do is leave our mark on the world before we leave it behind, but in the grip of a progressive muscle-wasting condition, it’s easy to feel that your efforts don’t matter.

“Whether you express yourself through writing, art, music, really anything that brightens the days of others. It is needed.

“Sometimes you need someone to help you through the darkness, other times you’ll find your own way, but I promise you the light is there.”

Muscular Dystrophy - Health News Scotland
Joe (above) uses a walking stick and wheelchair to get around.

Andrew, who volunteers as a peer-to-peer supporter for MDUK, and his friend, Chris Howard, developed the exhibition together. 

Alongside each picture, Andrew recorded the thoughts of people from all over the UK.

They all have muscle-wasting conditions and they included pictures of themselves and brief descriptions of their lives, most are friends Andrew has made along his journey.

Retired Director of Photography, Chris has worked in film and television all over the world, with credits from film classics like North Sea Hijack and International Velvet, through countless commercials, documentaries, and television shows including Minder, Peak Practice and Soldier Soldier and New Tricks and Doc Martin.

He has created all the photographs.

The exhibition, which features very high-quality prints mounted on Foamex 3mm board and printed in Scotland, is available to buy through Chris’ website:

Every sale will result in a donation to MDUK.

Louise Moffat, MDUK Regional Development Manager for London, South East, and East England, said: “I am filled with admiration for the work Andrew and Chris have done to create this extensive exhibition and I am very grateful to them for donating to MDUK through the sales.

“The images are beautiful and all a very high quality. I can’t decide which one I would choose to hang on my wall.”