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Alec Henry uses the levers of the web to boost business growth


Business coaching plays a crucial role in helping entrepreneurs devise innovative strategies to improve the bottom line. Business coaches and mentors train entrepreneurs and arm them with the right tools and ideas to combat challenges and increase revenue. Alec Henry is one such business coach who is using his real-life experiences combined with knowledge as an entrepreneur to help businesses to reach new heights., an ambitious initiative by Alec Henry has been supporting businesses for a few months to gain an edge over the competition and be more profitable. Through, Alec makes use of his personal experiences to help boost the bottom line of several businesses like law firms, web-based companies, service providers, wealth management firms, loan brokers, and insurers.

Hailing from a modest family, Alec Henry has worked his way to success and now wears many hats. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, influencer, coach, international speaker, bestselling author, and consultant. He was shy and introverted in his childhood but worked hard to improve his skills. With little to no knowledge about business, he had to learn on the job when he started a digital marketing agency in 2017. Initially, he had to face numerous challenges and setbacks but with innovative strategies and brilliant planning, he managed to overcome it all.

Today, Alec Henry owns and manages a business ecosystem that comprises a law firm, digital marketing agency, real-estate firm, consulting company, and an accounting firm. He has authored the book “Business: 13 Laws for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur” where he has shared all his life lessons on business to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their feet in the competitive business landscape.

Alec Henry has coached more than 2000 entrepreneurs and helped improve their business. He uses the most tried and tested strategies to give entrepreneurs result-oriented solutions for their business. He believes that a business coach must be competent enough to understand the problem that the entrepreneur is going through. The entrepreneur must ensure that the coach offering advice is adding value to their business and helping them achieve their goal.

Alec Henry stresses on three important things that businesses must get good at to become great. The first is that the businesses must meet a need. If the business doesn’t solve a problem it will never interest people. The second is that businesses must find ways to generate sales. It is important to generate revenue to grow in the future. And finally, businesses should deliver excellence to create satisfied customers who become recommend the business to people they know. This is a powerful way to build on the growth of the business.

Often entrepreneurs do not use the levers of the web to reach prospective customers, market their business, pitch their message, and initiate a proposal. Alec Henry coaches entrepreneurs to overcome all these hurdles. He has guided businesses of all levels from beginner to advanced.

Alec Henry wants to continue his journey as a business coach with He wants more aspiring entrepreneurs to find their feet in the competitive business landscape and succeed with confidence.