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Few Good Reasons to Use Organic Mattresses


Any average person will end up spending about one-third of their life only by sleeping. Let us say if you live for 90 years then you will spend almost 30 years just sleeping. While all of us know the health benefits of having a good sleep, have you ever thought about the material used in the bed that can also affect your health?

Nowadays, various natural textiles, and foam are becoming very popular because people these days are seeking cleaner lifestyle. So, in the bedroom too, demand for such safe mattresses is growing and now new legislation may soon be introduced regarding the flammability of mattresses.

An organic mattress is usually made with all-natural materials that are non-toxic and also free from any harmful and synthetic material. Also, they are breathable and can keep you cool during summer and quite warm in the winter.

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When you look for any cooling mattress then an organic choice will always be preferred for people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and many other respiratory problems. Besides, any organically made mattresses will be much healthier for babies and also young children.

You can find organic sheets in most stores, and also you will easily be able to find eco-friendly frames for your bed, but can you find an eco-friendly mattress too? By Googling the keyword “best mattress for back pain,” you will find almost all will try to advise you about comfort, firmness, mattress life, budget, etc.

What will be absent from that list will be the various benefits of selecting organic mattresses as well as the best mattress in a box!

Before you tend to assume that all organic mattresses are a luxury item that is only either meant for celebrities or it is more of a hype than practicality, let us try to explore them in this write-up.

Organic mattress vs non-organic mattress

You will find that a majority of the non-organic mattresses available in the US today are made of chemicals like petroleum, phosphates, polyurethane, boric acid, silicone, melamine, and polyvinylidene chloride, etc.

You need not be a chemist to understand that all those are not the right substances where you will like to breathe in or give rest to your body for 7 to 9 hours daily!  Organic mattresses are made of organic wool or cotton, and other organic materials. To process them there is almost no involvement of pesticides or chemicals.

Who will benefit from an organic mattress?

We can easily make a statement that everyone will need an organic mattress, but there are few individuals whose health will be greatly improved if they use only an organic mattress.

People irrespective of their age, who are struggling with allergies, asthma, or any respiratory problems are especially vulnerable to various chemicals that are found in any non-organic mattress.

Most babies and children generally sleep almost 17 hours a day, based on their age. While sleeping, their brains work to get further developed and recharge by connecting with synapses, rebuilding cells, moving with their day’s memories, and a million others!

Now just imagine how various chemicals from any non-organic mattress will impact that process. One big disadvantage of non-organic mattresses is their flame retardant property.

Though these chemicals are well-intended but are highly toxic. Research suggests that young children are almost five times more sensitive to such chemicals than any adults.

The following are a few benefits of organic mattresses:

  1. Dust-mite repellent

Organic mattresses will not attract any dust-mites so easily.

  1. Mold-resistant and anti-bacterial

You will never find any mold or bacterial growth within an organic mattress.

  1. Chemical-free

No chemicals are used even during their production and further processing.

  1. Natural fire-resistant properties

Few organic mattresses also have a natural fire-resistant property.

  1. Moisture-wicking

Organic mattresses will not absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

  1. Cool during the summer

During the summer seasons, you will find them quite cool and comfortable.

  1. Warm during the winter

Also, during the winter organic mattresses will be cozy and warm.

  1. Options of customization for firmness

You can always select the firmness as per your choice.

  1. Eco-friendly

Organic mattresses are considered the most eco-friendly product.

  1. No pesticide residues

Since no pesticides are used, there is no residue as well.