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Get Some Serotonin: How to Find New Hobbies That Are Unique and Awesome


Been spending too much time inside flicking through apps on your phone? Want to feel excited and stimulated by something?

Get that serotonin pumping again when you find some unique and awesome hobbies. It can be hard to find a hobby that you’re interested in as an adult. It’s not like there are clubs that meet after work the way they did after school.

But using local and digital resources, you can find a wide variety of hobbies that are meeting locally and across the interwebs. Find something that interests, inspires, and excites you so you can stop scrolling and start doing something fun. Here’s how to find new hobbies.

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How to Find New Hobbies

It becomes more and more difficult with age to find hobbies. But whether you spend the majority of your time at the office or your weekends are capitalized by family events, there are ways for how to find a new hobby that will work for you, too.

Clubs and Groups Listed Online

If you’re familiar with the “Activities” or “Groups” sections on Craigslist or the website Meetup, you’ve likely seen hobbies listed with information about joining something new.

Watch your local listings to see what kind of group meet-ups and activities are held regularly nearby.

Parks and Rec

Most towns have a department called “parks and recreation.” This is funded to make enjoyable spaces and events for local citizens. You’ll often find interesting and unique courses or exercise groups among their offerings at low or no cost.

Adult Ed

You may also live in an area with regional adult ed courses. These aren’t like school classes. Rather, they’re short classes that teach you to cook French cuisine or make Christmas wreaths.

If you’re looking to try something new and affordable, Adult Ed courses are a great low-commitment option.

What Kinds of Unique Hobbies Are There?

Think about the most interesting person you have ever met. What kind of hobbies did they have?

It’s surprising to think how many unique and useful hobbies there are in the world, each tailored to meet the interests of a niche group. Here are a few that should be easy to find or start right from where you are now:

Quilting, Knitting, and Crocheting Craft Groups

You can often find craft groups by contacting local libraries, craft stores, and religious institutions.

These craft groups concentrate on personal projects as well as positive community projects, like knitting pouches for animals injured in wildfires.

They are a great way to get creative, meet new people, and do some good for your community.

Dog Agility

Interested in doing agility challenges with your dog? Get in touch with local trainers, doggie daycares, and obedience schools to see who might teach some agility courses

Agility courses are great exercise for you and your pup. They involve advanced training and skills that increase your bond. If you both love it, advance to amateur competitions to show off how great you’re doing.


Letterboxing or geocaching is a cool hobby that you can start just by downloading an app or finding a website listing.

All around the world, people have left caches hidden in public spaces. Inside these caches are logbooks with records of who has found the cache. Many letterboxers have a personalized stamp they leave behind in these logbooks.

Use directions on the app or website to find the general location of the cache in parks or on hiking trails. Then enjoy the last few steps of the treasure hunt as you start looking for the cache.

GIF Creation

Love to laugh at funny cat GIFs? You can make them, too. Getting started is simple with tutorials online and free digital resources.

Find a group through forums of GIF and meme makers. Ask questions about getting started. You’ll connect with other creative people who can point you in the right direction for resources.

Game Rooms

An awesome hobby to do with your friends, game rooms or escape rooms have taken over the social scene over the last few years.

In game rooms, you get shut into a themed “game” with your team. It may resemble a dark dungeon you need to escape or a classroom you’ve been accidentally locked in by the janitor.

Using clues and your wits, you have to solve your way out working as a team. As a group hobby, game rooms are a great option to fill some empty weekend nights. Check out Escape Room Gatlinburg to have a fun night with your besties.


Got something to say? You might be surprised to hear there are organizations—such as Toastmasters International—that are just dedicated to talking. Whether you love to talk or you’re incurably shy, these groups can make getting up in front of people a fun hobby.

Being able to clearly express yourself is not just important in life but it can also be a creative outlet too. Speechmaking is a useful, inexpensive hobby that is offered in many locations.

Therapeutic Riding Volunteer

Want to help kids and adults with disabilities learn how to ride horses? Therapeutic riding is used for many types of disabilities as both a physical and psychological therapy.

Often, you don’t need any experience with horses to get this type of volunteer position. But if you’re looking to be useful, have fun with your riders, and learn some more about how barns are run, this is a great hobby that you can do completely for free.

Get Out There and Try Something New

Now that you know how to find new hobbies, it’s time to get out there and try something new. Hobbies are a great way to reduce mindless screen time, encourage fitness, and make some serotonin fire off in your brain.

You know how to find new hobbies today so no excuses, head out and try one!

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