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Online Gambling and More Payout Options with Non-Swedish Licensed Casinos

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Online gambling is a popular pastime in Sweden. The country is notoriously strict when it comes to gaming. However, you will have plenty of options available when you are searching for gaming sites. You could opt for a casino that’s licensed in Sweden, but this has some negatives associated with it. You also have the option of choosing a casino that is not licensed in Sweden. It is perfectly legal to do so. Just because they do not have a license in Sweden doesn’t mean that they aren’t licensed.

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Gaming with a Swedish-Licensed Casino—Pros and Cons

Before we get into why people are choosing casino utan Svensk licens for gambling, it’s important to get a better sense of the pros and cons associated with casinos that do have a Swedish license. These casinos are subject to all of the restrictions that the government has put into place. Let’s look at some of the major restrictions.

First, players are limited with their deposits. The government has imposed a strict limit on the amount of money that can be deposited into gaming accounts. The current limit is 5,000 SEK a month, and it’s expected that this restriction will remain at least until November 2021. It could last longer. This limits the amount that a person can gamble even though it is their own money.

Casinos that have a Swedish license are also limited when it comes to bonuses. They are only allowed to offer welcome bonuses. They do not offer VIP or loyalty programs either. Additionally, they are required to put a three-second pause between each slot pull, which will slow down gaming for the players.

Non-Swedish Licensed Casinos are Becoming More Popular

With all of the restrictions that are placed on casinos that get a Swedish license, it’s easy to see why many companies choose not to get a license. Instead, they are licensed in other countries, where Swedish players can still use their services. This means that they are not bound by those restrictions and can offer more for the players.

Naturally, players in Sweden want to have access to those other features, better games, and bonuses. This is why choosing non-Swedish licensed casinos is such a popular choice among players in the country. There are casino options from other locations around Europe, such as in Malta. There are also casinos in Curacao that could be a viable choice. These casinos can offer the players bonuses, and in some cases, the winnings could be tax-free.

Malta-based casinos, for example, have strong player protection, fair conditions, and are tax-free. The casinos often use BankID and Trustly, which means deposits and payouts are always easy. Of course, these casinos are not allowed to market to Swedish players and the sites can’t be in Swedish. Curacao casinos can market to Swedish players and they offer large bonuses. However, the player conditions are tougher, and the profits are taxable when they are from a Curacao casino. Both of these options tend to have easy payout options, as well as easy funding options. Of course, it can vary from one casino to the next.

Funding the Account

Casinos without a Swedish license will sometimes have difficulty getting deposits from players in Sweden. The government tends to require that banks and other financial institutions block transactions that happen with a foreign casino. However, there are still plenty of options for making deposits, such as bank transfers. You aren’t doing anything wrong by playing at an unlicensed casino. It’s up to the banks to determine whether they will allow the transaction to take place even though it is your money.

One of the options that many casinos use to allow for the transfer of money is BankID. You can use BankID to connect with many casinos in Malta, for example, so you can transfer the money. There is also the option of using card deposits and web wallets and tools like Skrill and Neteller, which will allow for fast transactions.

Check the Payout Options for the Casino.

When you are choosing an online casino without a Swedish license, it doesn’t mean that you will be limited when it comes to your payout options. There are plenty of options that these types of casinos may use. Two of the most popular options for fast and easy payouts are Trustly and Zimpler.

These options work very similarly, but they will both require that you have BankID. You will make your deposits with BankID, and then the tools can quickly and easily transfer a payout to your bank when you want to take some of your winnings. This is an easy and fast method of getting a payout, and it’s the one that a large number of people choose. It’s also fast, and you can often have your money in your account in a matter of minutes. Casinos in Malta, for example, will typically utilize Trustly.

There is another option for payment called Swish, which has started to become a popular choice for gamers who choose Swedish casinos. The casino must have a bank account in Sweden, and you will need to use BankID. The transaction times are fast, but it does mean that the gaming company needs to have a license in Sweden. Since there are so many restrictions with Swedish casinos online, this will not be a solution for players that choose non-Swedish licensed casinos.

Check the Payout Options Before Registering

If you are looking for a quality casino that offers easy payout options, you will need to do your research. Casinos may have different rules and different payout options, as well as different funding options. You need to be sure that the casino you choose has the methods that you prefer and trust.

In addition to the payout methods, you will want to look at other features of the casino. This includes the types of games they offer, bonuses, loyalty programs, etc. You should also check the reputation of the casino before registering and playing.

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