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3 Types of Content You Need in Your Marketing Campaigns


In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay declaring that “content is king”. 25 years later, it’s still a very well-known phrase that is often used in the marketing world. However, content has very much changed over the last couple of decades, evolving into many different forms that can be used in multiple ways to help you meet your goals. 

Today’s marketers have extended their arsenal of content, and trends within the industry show that it’s not just about the written word anymore. If you’re planning a marketing campaign, it’s crucial to consider all of your options, including the right platforms and the right type of content that will help you gain the best results. With that in mind, SLG talk us through 3 main types of content you should be including in your strategy moving forward.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

The written word

The written word is the backbone of most digital marketing campaigns, from SEO and PPC to social media and blogging. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to tell your brand story effectively and get your message across. It is the ultimate form of content, and certainly won’t disappear.

However, it’s how you use the written word that will determine your success. Firstly, a blog strategy is always a must, as it can improve SEO and help to improve organic traffic to your website. It’s also great for shouting about your products, services or industry news, which can enhance your position as an industry leader. 

You should also consider eBooks or white papers, which are much longer than your average blog and usually designed to offer an in-depth guide or study of a particular topic. This can be invaluable for customers who are looking for detailed information, and you can usually offer this type of content as a downloadable document, allowing you to capture details of those interested.

Other types of written content that are important for marketing campaigns include case studies and testimonials, which can be shared across multiple platforms to highlight your successes.

Visual content

Marketing campaigns have come a long way over the years, and one element that has increased in use is visual content. Images are often processed much easier and quicker than the written word, which can result in a much more engaging campaign. The rise of visual social media channels over the years such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok proves that visual content can be a huge win for brands.

Whether it’s a meme or an infographic, take some time to understand what type of imagery your audience will resonate with and how you can create it to a high standard. The right visual content can help to align your brand story, bring together your colleagues and even increase sales, if you do it right.


One of the newer trends in content marketing, video content has seen a huge increase in use across a variety of brands and businesses. For some, it’s now the preferred choice of content for all communication, particularly across social media.

There is a huge wealth of options when it comes to video, including interviews, demos of your product, or a conference or webinar. Each has its own benefits in getting across your message effectively, and can be much easier for customers to digest. In a world where we have grown accustomed to video conferencing, it’s no wonder video marketing is continuing to grow. 

The right type of video can help your customers to make a buying decision or educate them on a particular matter, making video a valuable tool for your business. Whether it’s an animation or features your staff, think carefully about how you want your brand to come across to viewers.