Hilarious video shows young Scots lad lose control of quad and crash


HILARIOUS CCTV footage captured the moment a young Scots lad lost control of a quad bike and crashed into a parked car on a residential street.

The youngster was caught on camera as his short quad bike ride came to an abrupt halt on Brock Street in North Queensferry, Fife, last week.

CCTV footage captured on the exterior of Wright’s Convenience Store caught the hilarious blunder on camera.

The video shows the young boy travelling on his quad bike on the pavement of the quiet residential street.

He can then be seen picking up speed but loses control of the small vehicle, causing him to drive off the pavement.

He then crashes into the rear of a parked white car which sends him onto the ground.

One of the people standing outside Wrights store can be heard shouting: “F****** idiot!” as the blunder enfolds.

The young boy then gets back to his feet and picks up his quad as the footage comes to an end.

Hilarious video shows young Scottish lad hit car after losing control of quad - Scottish News
The youngster hit the deck after colliding with the parked car.

The video was subsequently shared onto Facebook last night by popular local page Fife Jammer Locations who captioned their post: “Slow to the party with this one.”

Since being shared last night, the video has received over 680 likes and over 300 comments from social media users who found the video hilarious.

Ali Walker said: “I can’t stop watching it. The bang.”

Carrie Davidson posted: “The more I watch it the funnier it gets.”

Hilarious video shows young Scottish lad hit car after losing control of quad - Scottish News
Social media users found the clip hilarious.

Alan Matthews commented: “The best video watched in a long time.”

Speaking today, a shop worker, who wished to remain anonymous said: “I was sitting outside and he came out of his garden and flew up the street.

“He made an a*** of himself but it is funny.

“The car got a bit of a dent but it was a young guy who owned it and he wasn’t that bothered.

“He had a sore head also.”