Wednesday, June 29, 2022
News“That’s someone's dreams gone up in smoke” - Dramatic video shows HGV...

“That’s someone’s dreams gone up in smoke” – Dramatic video shows HGV trailer engulfed in flames 

JAW DROPPING footage shows a large HGV Dreams trailer completely ablaze after catching fire while driving on dual carriageway. 

Shane Barker filmed the roaring inferno on Dudley Street outside Bristol, West Midlands, yesterday afternoon.

Shane had been situated behind the driver and spotted flames starting to leach out from inside the container.

The quick thinking driver exited his cab to drop the trailer and save the remainder of the large vehicle from going up in flames. 33-year-old Shane then started filming the trailer which had quickly become engulfed in flames.

His video shows large black plumes of smoke escaping the trailer as the wild fire rips through it.

The tyres start to blow out due to the insane heat radiating from the HGV and explode with a loud bang that causes Shane to stand further back. 

Another video taken by Shane shows three fire crews at the scene combating the large flames. 

Shane then shared his videos onto Facebook last night, he captioned his post: “Double decker trailer went up in flames in Wednesbury.

“Driver luckily had some sense and quick thinking to drop his unit!”

Since shared his videos last night, social media users have been left shocked by the terrifying footage. 

One user said: “Dreams? Bloody nightmare more like.”

One said: “I thought Dreams beds weren’t flammable.” 

Another said: “People will be sleeping on the floor for a few nights!” 

While one added: “That’s someone’s dreams gone up in smoke.” 

The aftermath featuring the burnt out lorry - Traffic News UK
(c) Shane Baker. The aftermath featuring the burnt out lorry – Traffic News UK

Speaking today Shane said: “First he knew was when he saw the flames come out the side. 

“Bits of the lorry were falling off on the dual carriageway which left small pockets of fire all down the road and across the island.

“He quickly got out to drop the trailer and save the truck from going up in flames too! It didn’t take long for the rest of the trailer to go up as you can see in the videos.” 

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