Yobs smash car window with golf ball in driving range car park before running off


SHOCKING video shared on social media shows a group of yobs smashing a car window after hitting a golf ball into a car park.

The disgraceful video was captured at Wellsgreen Golf Range in Leven, Fife on Monday night.

Video shared by the golf range shows the trio of idiots standing on a putting green in front of the car park at the golf centre.

One of the gang places a ball on the ground and starts swinging it recklessly.

He then connects with the ball and it soars forward and smashes the rear window of a parked Alfa Romeo.

The trio were then captured quickly turning on their heels to make their way back to their parked van and flee the scene.

Video of the scene was shared onto the Wellsgreen Facebook page on Tuesday, captioned: “These three ‘nice’ lads visited us last night between 5.30 and 7pm driving a white/grey van.

“They hit balls in bay 17 then rolled a few nice putts before taking a full swing at a ball on our putting green aiming directly at the cars in our car park smashing the window of an Alfa Romeo before running away.

Video shows yobs smash car window with golf ball in driving range - Scottish News
The ball connects with an Alpha Romeo, shattering the window in the process.

“If the ball had ricocheted the other way onto the busy Standing Stane Road then who knows what might have happened!

“It would go without question that these chaps are no longer welcome at Wellsgreen and all videos are currently being passed to the police.

“Please PM us if you recognise any of these lads and we will pass the info onto the police right away.

“The number plate sadly is not readable on our CCTV.”

Video shows yobs smash car window with golf ball in driving range - Scottish News
The yobs then made a sharp exit after smashing the window.

The clip has gained over 800 shares and over 100 comments from social media users slamming the group for their idiotic behaviour.

Mike Grubb said: “Typical lack of respect for anything in modern society.

“The ‘yob’ factor is now transcending into golf. Hope you catch them.”

Andy Wilson posted: “They’re an argument for chemical castration.”

Bill Murphy commented: “Hope they all get hammered by the law and the wee f**** swinging the club gets sacked for bringing his employers poor advertising.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson today said : “We received a report that a car had been hit with a golf ball from a driving range in Leven on Monday, 10 May. Enquiries are ongoing.”