Shocking video shows drunk HGV driver swerving all over motorway


A SHOCKING video shows a drunk HGV driver who had empty bottles of scotch whisky and wine in his cab swerving all over the motorway.

The jaw dropping footage shows the intoxicated HGV driver recklessly swerving northbound on the A1 near Peterborough on Tuesday. 

The careless driver was captured swerving from side-to-side across the dual carriageway by a motorist who was driving behind him.

Masses of dust can be seen blowing up from the lorry’s back tyres as the vehicle continues to bounce across the tarmac. 

The large HGV then runs off the road and tears through the dirt at the left hand side of the road, causing the vehicle to spin uncontrollably.

Attempting to compensate and retrieve the van from the grass at the side of the road, the driver then crashes into the railing which separates the dual carriageway. 

Peterborough’s southern Neighbourhood Policing Team yesterday revealed the driver to be 40-year-old Lauri Martel.

The boozy lorry driver later threw a bottle of wine and an empty 100cl bottle of 40% William Peel Blended Scotch Whisky out of his cab. 

A breath test taken by police revealed that Martel was almost twice over the legal drink driving limit.

Drunk HGV driver skidding | Dashcam footage UK
The driver was caught swerving all over the road by another driver’s dashcam.

Martel pleaded guilty to drink driving and has since lost his license for a year and four months. 

Policing Peterborough took to Facebook on Tuesday to post about the incident, writing: “This afternoon we were called to assist with a collision on the A1 northbound involving a HGV which was driving across both lanes, before leaving the road on the grass verge.

“The lorry was located a few miles up the road from the initial scene and pulled over in a lay-by where the driver then threw a whiskey and wine bottle from the cab!

“A breath test revealed he was almost twice the legal limit, and therefore was arrested and taken to custody leaving his lorry behind for colleagues to have to come and collect at a later date.”

Policing Peterborough’s reporting on the incident has now collected over 600 likes with more than 300 comments from Facebook users who were horrified by the event. 

James Coles wrote: “Bloody lucky he didn’t crash let alone kill someone in the process. 

“Well done all involved stopping this guy from doing the above.”

Drunk HGV driver skidding | Dashcam footage UK
Martel pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was banned from driving for one year and four months.

Suzanna Gilbey said: “Any lorry driver who thinks it’s ok to drink and be in charge of a lorry should never be allowed to drive again. 

“The carnage and loss of life they could cause is frightening.”

Chantelle Evans commented: “What would the sentence have been if he killed innocent people? 

“Justice system is messed up! 

“He should have lost his license for life!”

Jen Nixon replied: “He should have lost his licence for life!”

Michelle Whyman also wrote: “Omg! How lucky that he didn’t kill anyone!”

Lokeshwar Singh said: “One year and four months.

“What if a family was crushed?


Empty bottle of blended scotch whisky | Dashcam footage UK
The driver threw an empty bottle of 40% blended scotch whisky out of his cab window.                 (C) Policing Peterborough

Sergeant Sam Tucker, from Peterborough’s southern Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Martel admitted having been drinking whiskey on the morning he was arrested, but felt he was fit to drive. 

“Alcohol and tiredness can be a lethal combination on the roads, and for someone who drives professionally there is absolutely no excuse for it.

“Thank you to those members of the public who called us to report concerns about the manner of driving, this information enabled us to stop Martel before any potentially serious collision occurred.”