Brits registering for up to 100 free tickets for Nigel Farage’s US show with no intention of going


BRITS are purchasing free tickets for America’s Comeback Tour with Nigel Farage with absolutely no intention of going. 

Peter Thomas from Northamptonshire in the East Midlands posted on Facebook on Saturday about getting tickets for the tour but adding that he can’t “100% guarantee he can go.”

He then added that “the last thing we want is Nigel Farage playing to almost-empty arenas, so please, think wisely.”

Nigel Farage US Show ticket | UK and World News
Nigel Farage is hosting a new show in the US this Saturday.

Peter added a screenshot of his booking confirmation for two tickets to ex-UKIP leader Farage’s show in Biloxi, Mississippi for this weekend.

Peter wrote: “I am off to America next week! There are Nigel Farage stage shows (yes, really) with free tickets that you can book at

“Most of these dates have free tickets you can reserve online, no matter where you are in the world. I’ve booked two for his appearance in Mississippi.

“Of course, you know how it is, sometimes I have to pull out of going to a gig at the last minute. I know I’ve said I’ll go to this, but hey, I cannot 100% guarantee this.

“This is NOT me saying that you should all do what I’ve done. Only book these free tickets if you’re serious about going.

Nigel Farage US Show Advert | UK and World News
Despite many users signing up for dozens of tickets, many have no intentions of attending.

“The last thing we want is Nigel Farage playing to almost-empty arenas, so please, think wisely. I really do hope I can go.” 

The post has since had almost 3,000 shares and hundreds of comments from social media users who have been snapping up free tickets.

Rebekah J Williams said: “I might just have to reserve a ticket.” 

Peter Thomas added: “Why just the one? Some of the dates let you book two, and Zara has found one where you can book 4! Don’t be selfish, make sure you can bring your friends and family”

John Skevington wrote: “I’ve booked 34.”

Andy Lopata said: “I can’t go but my friend Nota Racist has grabbed tickets for several nights.”

Simon Wyndham added: “I might book 100 for all my friends that will definitely be going.”

Farage’s tour is set to visit 13 locations around the US during May.

The tour describes Nigel Farage as: “A veteran grassroots campaigner, Nigel Farage was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and fought an inspirational battle for decades to take Britain out of the European Union.

“His staunch nationalism and unapologetic populism made him a darling of the working classes.”