Dopey driver filmed driving around on Scottish golf course


A DOPEY driver has been filmed casually driving around in their car across a Scottish golf course.

Steven Mann captured the moment the reckless motorist was spotted cruising around on the green at Caird Park Golf Club in Dundee yesterday.

Golfer Steven couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the car casually driving across the freshly cut grass.

The 35-year-old said the driver was driving around areas which could have resulted in the car being struck by golf balls from four different angles.


The video shows a family car driving slowly across the golf course before eventually disappearing from sight.

Steven posted the video onto Facebook yesterday, writing: “Never fails to surprise me the kind of stupid you see on a council course.

“Anyone who knows the course will realise that where they are driving is crossed by the ball at four points.”

Dozens of viewers have commented on the clip, stunned by the idiotic scenes.

Car on Golf Course
There were 4 holes the car could have been hit from.

John Ritchie wrote: “I’d thought I’d seen it all lol it’s bad enough with walkers and motorbikes but this is a new level ffs”

David Kouchoukos said: “And I thought things like this only happened in the US”

John Marchbank commented: “Only in Dundee!” 

Bob Steele quipped: “Shame no-one accidentally hit the car…”

Steven Mann golf post screenshot
Steven Mann posted the video to Facebook on Sunday

Speaking today, Steven said: “I would imagine the car came in on the small footpath located just off the main access road, it’s the only place I can think of that would just be big enough.

“I was sitting taking a break and saw it coming in.

“The course has real problems with small CC motorbikes and quads tearing up the course but I’ve not seen a large car driving across the course. 

“As I’ve said in the post, they were driving over the fairway by the burn that runs through the park.

“When playing the course you hit across the burn four times.

“They took a right turn at the end of the video and disappeared so I don’t know where they ended up. 

“I think it ridiculous that the course gets destroyed most weeks by kids on motorbikes, but to be able to get a car on the course that could run someone down is downright dangerous.”