Savvy holidaymaker snaps up £20 return flights from UK to Portugal


 A SAVVY holidaymaker has managed to book a last minute trip from London to Portugal for £20 return.

The keen traveller had been keeping an eye out for flights to countries that were placed on the green list yesterday when he snapped up the bargain trip.

The 21-year-old was eager for some sun and started looking as soon as there was word that Portugal would not require quarantining.

Albert Pearce on flight - Travel News UK
Pearce’s tenner flight boarded this morning.                                                                                           (C) Albert Pearce

The YouTuber booked his flight with Ryanair and was required to take a negative Covid-19 test in London before the flight and one on return.

Speaking today, Albert said: “Portugal was looking like it would be on the green list, so I booked a flight. That booking was cancelled last night, so I had to urgently book a replacement, and here I am.

“I booked the original one a few weeks ago but this one was booked last night.

“It is a holiday. I love travelling by train, and I am trying out the trains there, they’re very interesting.

“I travelled a bit last year, but this is the first for me since November.

“This one was only £10 each way.”

Ten Pound RyanAir Flights
The flights to Faro from London Stansted were just a tenner.

The train enthusiast had originally planned to fly into Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, but the flight ended up being cancelled.

Albert was then given credit to use for the cancelled £111 return flights and decided to use part of this to nab the cheap Faro flights instead.

He added: “I am trying to travel as much of the world as I can by train. I’ve not been to Portugal before. It’s my 30th country.

“I will catch the train down there (to Lisbon) this afternoon.” 

Faro Airport, Portugal - Travel News UK
Pierce arrived in Faro this morning.                                                                                                        (C) Albert Pearce

The keen explorer has travelled on trains in over 25 countries including Italy, Poland, Prague and France. 

Despite the cheap flights, the hotel prices in Portugal are roughly the same coming to about £500 for eight nights. 

The government in Lisbon said anyone arriving would need to take a negative PCR test before departure.

The Portuguese Foreign Ministry said that tourism authorities had been ensuring that testing capacity in Portugal will meet the demand from tourists.

Flights on Ryanair today show how other keen holidaymakers can also snap up a flight from Stansted to Faro, Portugal for £20 one way.