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Farming couple who had calf ring bearer at wedding name baby with initials of FARM

A FARMING couple who had a calf as a ring bearer at their wedding have named their newborn with the initials of FARM.

Carl and Natalie Martins didn’t originally notice the fitting acronym when naming their baby Frederick Arthur Reuben Martins last month.

Frederick, who was born just eight weeks ago, went around a week before his parents picked the perfect name, unintentionally creating the initials F A R M. 

Baby Frederick with a knitted cow | Agriculture News UK
Baby Frederick’s initials unintentionally spell out FARM.                                                                              (C) Carl Martins

The couple, who own their dairy farming business, also previously had their calf, Lazuli
as the ring bearer at their wedding in July 2016.

Carl, 43, and Natalie, 32, from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, named Lazuli after blue coloured rock Lapis Lazuli.

Not only did Lazuli wear something blue in the form of a dark blue fascinator, but she was also placed right at the front of the ceremony amongst family members.

Carl today revealed little Frederick was a “lockdown miracle” for the family after his fertility was compromised 14 years ago when battling testicular cancer.

Frederick wearing a farmers hat | Agriculture News UK
Carl hopes that one day Frederick will also grow up to be a farmer.                                   (C) Inspirique Baby Photography
Speaking today about Frederick’s fitting name choice, Carl said: “When growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandad who had a small farm and kept British Blue cattle.

“Our lives have been spent working with cattle. We set up our own award winning business providing relief herd management cover to dairy farmers.

“Natalie and I even met because of showing calves.

“It must have been about eight days that he didn’t have a name for. 

“He just looks like a Freddie, it just made sense. 

“It just works.

“The names came first and the acronym was noticed afterwards.

“It (the acronym) goes really well with what we do.

“I don’t think it (the middle names) would fit the other way around.

Lazuli the calf wearing a blue fascinator | Agriculture News UK
Lazuli the calf fashioned a blue fascinator to Carl and Natalie’s wedding.                                                    (C) Carl Martins

“Our friends loved the idea because of how relevant it is to our living.

“The people in the farming community weren’t surprised because they know how passionate we are about it. 

“Farming is pretty much what we live for.

“I want Freddie to have the lifestyle that I had with my grandfather, it’s such a lovely way to grow up. 

“I hope he wants to be a farmer but if he wants to be something else he can be.”

Carl and Natalie, who run Mornios Contract Herdcare, were both brought up through farming families. 

Carl grew a passion for agriculture by spending time with his grandfather on the farm.

Natalie also learned to love the lifestyle by spending time with both her grandfather and great grandfather on their farms.

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