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More than a quarter of brits agree that milk first makes the best cuppa

A QUARTER of Brits prefer to add milk to their brew before hot water, according to new research.

The findings come after INTU Boiling Water Taps divided the nation by using an expert to settle the debate, milk or water first?

Professor Alan Mackie, the Head of Leeds University’s School Of Food Science & Nutrition, conclusively proved that adding milk first resulted in a better tea.

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This news sparked a nationwide conversation with over six million mentions of the subject on social media.

The ex Good Morning Britain co-host, Piers Morgan even revealed he is a milk-first man.

And it turns out he’s not alone.

Analysis of social media data researched by INTU Boiling Water Taps has discovered that 27 per cent of the nation agree with him.

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But 47% prefer hot water first, then milk and a further quarter are undecided.

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw, Managing Director of INTU Boiling Water Taps, says: “We understand that brewing up is a serious business for so many people in the UK.

“But we have been genuinely surprised to discover that as many as one in four tea drinkers favour the milk-first approach. 

“However, we’re not here to take sides: INTU are dedicated to ensuring that Brits get instant filtered hot water for the perfect cup of tea, whether you put milk in first or last. 

“Our range of boiling water taps don’t discriminate either – whatever your preferred choice, they’ll make the process easier, healthier and quicker.”

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Professor Mackie’s approach to improve the taste of tea was proposed for the 60 per cent of Britons whose brews are blighted by hard water.

Professor Mackie explained: “Flavour by and large is produced by the different compounds in tea including tannins in particular.

“The more minerals present in water the more difficult it is for these compounds to develop the flavour – resulting in the dull taste you get in hard water areas.

“Making tea the traditional way – by steeping a bag in hot water before removing it and adding milk – results in the tannins turning into solids before they can develop flavour properly.

“But, if the milk is added at the start of the steeping process then its proteins can bind to the tannins and other minerals in the water – preventing them from turning solid – which in turn gives you a far superior flavour.”

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