Engineer surprises girlfriend with unique aeroplane proposal above Scots island


AN ENGINEER has surprised his girlfriend with a unique aeroplane proposal over a Scots island airport. 

Jamie Forde surprised his now fiancée, Anna Pond, by proposing to her as they came to land on a flight from Glasgow to Barra on Saturday. 

Staff at Barra Airport in the Outer Hebrides helped the hopeless romantic out by writing “Anna will you marry me?” in the sand right near to the island’s landing strip.

Proposal message written in sand from the sky | Scottish News
The proposal message, that was written in sand, could be seen clearly from the plane.                                (C) Jamie Forde

The aircraft pilot was in on the romantic scheme and was called ahead of the flight to make sure the couple were on the correct side of the plane for spotting the message.

Jamie, 26, took photographs from the plane showing the large message engraved in the sand below.

Another image shows Jamie down on one knee next to the important question as he officially proposed to his 25-year-old partner.

Jamie, from West Yorkshire, decided to jet off to Barra to pull off the romantic gesture because the couple had fallen in love with the Scotland during previous visits.

Jamie shared his wonderful news on Facebook on Sunday writing: “Anna said yes!

“Loganair and Barra Airport absolutely nailed this! 

“Thank you so much for making this possible! You have made this trip incredibly special. 

“We will never forget this!

“That’s right… I proposed on a DHC-6 Twin Otter over Barra Airport!

Jamie Forde Proposing on Barra beach | Scottish News
Jamie got down on one knee next to the writing once the plane had landed.                                              (C) Jamie Forde

“I love you Anna, here is to many more adventures.”

Jamie’s post has attracted hundreds of likes and comments from social media users who were delighted by the wonderful proposal.

Emily Kathryn wrote: “This has made my day! 

“Congratulations to you two!”

Ross James Hinchliffe said: “Congrats guys!

“That’s awesome ! I’m so happy for you both!”

Emily Frances Lunn commented: “This is so sweet. Congratulations”
Louise Forde replied: “Aww that’s so lovely congratulations to you both.”

Jamie Forde and Anna Pond beside the plane | Scottish News
Jamie thought the day was absolutely perfect.                                                                                          (C) Jamie Forde

Speaking today, Jamie said: “I kind of knew it was going to be aviation related. 

“I’d been in touch with Barra airport.

“We both love Scotland. 

“It’s little romantic Island.

“It was a no brainer really. 

“They had a few trial runs to make sure it worked. 

“I don’t know what I would have done if they said no. 

“The credit really belongs to Logan Air and Barra airport. 

“Once they said they were planning to write it out on the sand that’s when I got really excited. 

“I was nervous in the two weeks leading up to it because we didn’t know what the weather and tide would be like.

“The only way to describe it is perfect.” 

Jamie Forde and Anna Pond on their flight home | Scottish News
Jamie and Anna on their flight back to Glasgow.                                                                                       (C) Jamie Forde

“Luckily there was no one else called Anna on the plane.

“Her initial reaction was like a deer in headlights.

“I was quite nervous for those few moments, but obviously she said yes.

“ No one else noticed until we landed, it wasn’t until then that everyone did a wee cheer and clap.

“It went down better than I thought it would.”

Speaking today, Michael Galbraith, manager of Barra Airport, said: “We couldn’t make any promises of how big or where the writing could be, because of the weather and the tide.

“One of the firefighters was tasked with writing the message on the beach with a rake. 

“He had to pick a dry patch because they wouldn’t be able to see it on a wet patch.

“Once they got off the plane, I took them over to the writing to make it official. 

“After that I took them up in the tower to let them watch the plane take off to Glasgow and gave them a bottle of bubbly. 

“They were surprised by how quickly the word got around on the island. 

“They were given some freebies by the postie and taxi drivers. 

“Its nice to be nice, it’s just a small gesture.”