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Music promo company accuses British bands of being “arrogant for no reason” to Essex band

A MUSIC promotion company has accused British bands of being “arrogant for no reason” in leaked messages they sent to an Essex band. 

Force Promo Agency, who charge artists money in exchange for streams or social media followers, sent rock band the IDKs an automated message with links to their packages. 

But when the band responded accusing them of scamming musicians, the company responded in fury. 

The IDKs Force Promo argument- Music News UK
Force Promo Agency sent some strongly worded messages to the IDKs.

The messages from the official Force Promo Agency page, which has over 239,000 followers, read: “Shut up clown.

“You need us. We sure as F*** don’t need you. 

“You’re pushing 40+ and only got 2500+ followers only? Maybe it’s time to do something else, eh?

“This is the problem with UK bands. They are arrogant for no reason.”

“You can’t sell music to people in their 20’s when you’re ugly as shit.” 

The IDKs posted screenshots of the conversation on Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Advice to other bands. Do not! I REPEAT! DO NOT! Buy streams and reviews it’s all a scam. This is the true face of these scam artists!” 

The IDKs - Music News UK
Essex band the IDKs received the unprofessional messages on Tuesday.                                                        (C) Greg Judd

And showing the messages calling them ugly, they tried to get Someone You Loved singer Lewis Capaldi involved. 

They tweeted: Nice little update @LewisCapaldi back us up here please. Ugly is the new beautiful! I’m a firm 4/10 and proud”

Force Promo Agency responded again by threatening to get the band’s music removed from streaming sites. 

They wrote: “Ok so here’s what we’re gonna do today. 

“You got about five mins to apologise or we’re going to pull down your music off every single platform online. We’ll see who has the juice. Sound good? 

“We’ll start with your Soundcloud. And if you think we’re full of s** then please keep your bulls***going so we can flex.”

While the Essex band’s music was not removed from any streaming sites, it was marked for copyright and temporarily suspended. 

Force Promo Agency Website - Music News UK
Force Promo Agency charge artists from streams on Spotify.

Speaking today, frontman Greg Judd said: “It’s rampant.

“It’s a scam to try and make money off of people pursuing their passion in music.

“Everyone wants to hit the big time. These people take advantage of people’s dreams.

“It’s just a joke how someone can try and scam people trying their best to pursue their passion. 

“Making music is what we live for. We finish our 9-5 and making music and our band is everything to us.

“People taking advantage of that is disgusting.

“I won’t have it and I don’t want others affected by it. 

“There is too much of it at the moment and Twitter and other social media firms should be doing more to protect its users.”

Force Promo Agency has just under 240k followers on Twitter, of which over 160k are accounts considered “inactive”. 

Their bio says they have marketing contracts with Universal Music and Atlantic Records, but they did not provide confirmation of this.

When approached for comment, Force Promo Agency responded: “You are a nobody.”

They declined to provide further comment

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