Monday, May 23, 2022
NewsStudents queue for nine hours to get Covid-19 vaccination

Students queue for nine hours to get Covid-19 vaccination

STUDENTS have filmed themselves waiting in a huge “disorganised” queues for nine hours so they could get their Covid-19 vaccination.

Hundreds of Bournemouth students waited in the lengthy queues on Tuesday in order to make use of surplus vaccines that were being offered.

Student Annabel Constance, originally from Poole, Dorset, filmed the process for TikTok as she waited around in the sunshine for hours with her friends.

The vaccines were offered to students at Arts University Bournemouth and the University of Bournemouth.

Long queues formed outside the Bournemouth International Centre as students lined up to receive their jab – despite being told it would take a couple of hours.

Annabel captioned her TikTok video: “Our uni told us we could get the vaccine little did we know we would be waiting nine hours.” 

In the clip, dozens of students can be seen queuing up against the wall whilst the sun is shining.

Annabel and her friends are then shown eating snacks as they continue in line for the jab.

Groups of students were captured sat around on the pavement and eating ice lollies to cool themselves down.

The clip ends as it shows Annabel and her friend showing off their vaccination leaflets and plasters on their arms.

The clip has been viewed more than 114,000 times and liked over 7000. 

Students filmed themselves waiting in huge "disorganised" queue- UK News
STUDENTS have filmed themselves waiting in a huge “disorganised” queues for nine hours

More than 100 TikTok followers have commented on the video, praising the universities for offering the service.

@serene__B said: “Excellent way to spend nine hours I say. Well done all!”

@danieljwebb said: “You should be so proud! Not many people in this world would wait but you’ve done something great for you and the country.”

@katrinaajrandall said: “And now they scrapped it for the rest of the week because it was so unorganised. I’m honestly so sad.”

@skinnyledgendga added: “Why aren’t all uni’s doing this would make so much sense before clubs reopen.”Speaking today, Annabel said: “We all got told Monday via email that from this week we could get the vaccinations.

“They said it was open to everyone, so everyone shared it around online and some people went straight away on Monday. 

“But Tuesday I got there at 9am and we were the last ones in the queue because they were concerned we would be blocking traffic or something. 

“We were told it was a two to three hour wait from there but we waited a total of nine hours in the end.

Students filmed themselves waiting in huge "disorganised" queue- UK News
(c) Annabel Constance who filmed the queues – UK News

“We were told there was a choice between AstraZeneca and Pfizer, however for health reasons I think everyone got the Pfizer jab.

“I would say hundreds showed up if not 1000 people. There are 15,000 just at Bournemouth University let alone my university, Arts University Bournemouth.

“They are separate universities but the jab was open to both. 

“Most of us graduate in two weeks so we really didn’t need to be spending nine hours in a queue in the sun but I guess that just shows you how much we wanted it.” 

There were safety concerns with the turnout of students so the service has now been suspended. 

The 23-year-old continued: “They suspended it because it was supposed to only be for vulnerable students but the university sent the email to everyone apparently. 

“So when that many people showed up they weren’t prepared at all.”

There have been more than 57 million vaccines distributed across the UK. 

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