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Care worker who pointed knife at colleague issued with a warning

A CARE worker who pointed a knife at a colleague and said “I will kick your f***** a*** around this f***** kitchen” has been given a warning.

Allan Fraser, who was employed by SB Cares in the Scottish Borders, made colleagues and members of the home “distressed, uncomfortable and upset” by his actions. 

Between November 2016 and January 2019, Fraser was accused of several incidents against colleagues and elderly care users including being verbally abusive to staff.

Allan Fraser - Care News Scotland
Allan Fraser received a warning for his actions.

Fraser pointed the knife towards a colleague’s direction in December 2018 and said “if you don’t f**off I will kick your f**** a*** round this f***** kitchen.”

He was also alleged to have flicked another colleague’s bra strap, making her feel “uncomfortable”.

Another incident took place where Fraser repeatedly attempted to give a resident water after they had expressed clearly they did not want any. 

When another colleague asked Fraser to stop trying to give them water, he responded saying “no s*** Sherlock”. 

Allan Fraser Scotland- Care News Scotland
He was also issued with conditions for future employment

The Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC) yesterday decided that Fraser would be issued a 12 month warning.

They also issued him with conditions over any future employment, including that he puts together a “reflective account”.

Fraser today said he was “happy” with the outcome and described the hearing as “fair”.

He also said that he was “furious” over the way SB Cares treated him and said he was bullied from the beginning of his employment. 

Deanfield Residential Home - Care News Scotland
The incidents took place at Deanfield Residential Home.                                                                            (C) Google Maps

On making the decision, the SSSC said: “Your behaviour fell short of the standards expected from a social service worker. 

“Social service workers must not abuse, neglect, or harm people who use services or colleagues.

“This also amounts to a failure to treat your colleague with appropriate respect. Your behaviour towards your colleagues would place them at risk of emotional harm. 

“Your behaviour represents a pattern of inappropriate behaviour towards your colleagues and if repeated there would be a risk of harm. 

“We cannot be satisfied that there is no risk of repetition and there is, therefore, a risk of harm to the public, including service users. 

“Your behaviour impacts on the public interest as it relates to one service user and two work colleagues. “

They added: “We decided that the appropriate sanction is to place a warning on your registration for a period of 12 months and the condition set out below.”

As well as the warning, the SSSC also decided to impose conditions where Fraser must inform any new SSSC employer of this hearing within seven days. 

Other conditions include, when working under the SSSC to provide evidence of workplace education, the submission of a reflective account of the employment and a monthly supervision with a line manager.

Speaking today Fraser said: “Apart from the length of time it took, due to Covid I’m satisfied it was a fair hearing. 

“I’m however furious over the way I was treated by SB Cares as I was bullied from day one and had no real support from anyone to help me put a better case. 

“I’ve been in touch with solicitors in Edinburgh but have not heard back. 

“My next move will be going to the C.A.B for advice as I want to make a case against SB Cares and one senior and one care worker who accused me of sexual abuse but wasn’t willing to make a further statement to SSSC, I was told she couldn’t be found. 

“I spent a year with depression and have now rebuilt my life. 

“I trust very few people now.”

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