Fundraising page set up for “inspiring and talented” biker who suffered life-changing accident


A fundraising page has been set up for an “inspiring and talented” mountain biker who suffered a life-changing accident whilst out looking for a lost dog.

Jamie Cable, from Cardiff, suffered a severe head injury when out trying to find the lost animal earlier this month.

The 20-year-old ended up in a coma for two weeks but has now become responsive and recovering in the neurology department at a hospital in Cardiff

The Dyfi Bike Park stalwart hasn’t regained his speech yet, has weak limbs and is currently being fed through a tube following the accident.

Jamie works at the mountain bike park - UK News
Jamie works at the mountain bike park – UK News                                                                                 (c) Instagram

Friends have said that “only time will tell” how much Jamie’s brain has been affected by the tragic incident.

The talented biker works alongside owner of Dyfi Bike Park and former national champion of Great Britain, Dan Atherton.

A GoFundMe page was set up by family friend Gill Harris on Friday which has already raised more than £52,000 in just three days.

Sunday Times’ Sportswoman of the Year Rachel Atherton and her brother Dan Atherton have been involved in the fundraising efforts.

The money is being raised to pay for the best recovery rehab possible and to keep Jamie close to his family in Cardiff. 

Gill Harris said: If you’ve ever ridden the trails at Dyfi Bike Park, or you just love mountain-biking, please support 20 year old Jamie Cable, a talented rider who has dedicated his young life to building trails in the Dyfi.

“Jamie’s style on a bike is inspiring to watch. At Dyfi Bike Park he is Dan Atherton’s right hand man who found a second home in trail building.

“Every day since he was a kid his belief and dedication have kept him digging, even in the very worst conditions he never wavered.“Jamie’s kindness and gentle, cheerful nature have made him a firm favourite with everyone who lives in or visits the Dyfi.

She added: “On the 4th May this year Jamie suffered a life-changing accident.

“He wasn’t riding, or driving the digger, or any of the high risk activities that characterise his life.

The active 20-year-old is an avid mountain biker -UK News
The active 20-year-old was an avid mountain biker                                                                               (c) Instagram

“He was helping to look for a lost dog and suffered a severe head injury. It was the kind of sheer bad luck that could happen to anybody.

“For a while we feared we’d lost him; Jamie stayed in a coma at Cardiff Hospital for almost two weeks, but he’s a fighter.“In the last few days Jamie has been moved to Cardiff’s neurological ward. He’s responding and can smile and put his arms around his family. 

“He hasn’t regained his speech, his limbs are weak and he’s still being tube fed. Only time will tell how much his brain has been affected.

“It’s a very long and uncertain road towards recovery and we’re asking for your help to secure the best rehab support for this amazing young man who has his whole life ahead of him.”

Jamie’s mum, Alison Cable, commented on the GoFundMe page yesterday (SUN), writing: “We as a family are absolutely overwhelmed with all the love shown to Jamie. He’s got some very caring and generous friends.

“It means so much to us to have the peace of mind that he can access the best rehab and going forward be able to live the life he deserves. Thank you all so much.” 

Professional downhill mountain biker Rachel Atherton wrote: “A massive heartfelt thank you to you all for donating to Jamie and his family.

“The response has been emotional to see, the kindest most loving guy, an incredible rider and dedicated trail builder.”