Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Footage shows brazen thieving duo steal pub bench in broad daylight

SHOCKING footage shows a brazen thieving duo appearing to steal a beer garden bench in broad daylight – while a police car drives past.

The CCTV clip captured the two males in action as they took the pub bench from Guide Bridge Con Club in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester earlier this month.

The pair of hapless men initially fail to abscond with one of the pub’s other outdoor seating, having been foiled by a chain attaching the benches to a fence.

The bench bandits then returned back to the seating area with a hammer, but the dopey duo have no luck in defeating the small metal chain.

Dejected, the men return to their lorry, appearing as if they are about to leave.

However, one of the men then decides to return after spotting an unsecured bench in the sheltered smoking area.

As the yobs pull up their hoods, a police car is shown driving by in the background – not noticing what is going on.

An image of the thugs stealing the bench - Police News UK
An image of the chancers in the process of shimmying the bench out of the smoking shelter.        (C) Guide Bridge Con Club

The thugs grab the only bench that wasn’t tied down, comically carrying it over their head and back to their awaiting lorry.

The Manchester pub shared the post on Facebook shortly after the incident, captioned: “Seems we have a pair of bench thieves!

“They tried unsuccessfully to remove our new benches built through lockdown but decided they weren’t leaving empty handed!

“So took the only bench not tied down from inside the smoking shelter!

The police drive-by the bench bandits - Police News UK
The thugs hide their faces as the police pass by unknowingly.                                                    (C) Guide Bridge Con Club

“Does anyone recognize this pair or their truck?”

Jackie Wild said: “Bet they are from another pub thought they would take yours instead of buying their own.”

Lee JD Sullivan said: “Unbelievable, no shame in broad daylight.”

Scott Harris added: “These two would definitely get stuck in a building trying to push a pull door.”

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