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“Serious glitch in the Matrix” Scot captures rare photo of street full of parked red cars in a row

A SCOTS woman has captured an image of several red cars parked up in a row outside her home – prompting social media users to describe it as a “serious glitch in the Matrix”.

Linda Sutherland, from Shawlands in Glasgow, snapped the picture showing seven cars in the same shade of red, facing the same direction on Frankfort Street on Thursday.

The bizarre image shows the parked cars appearing to take up almost one side of the street while several cars in other colours have parked on the opposite side.

Bizarre scene spotted on Glasgow Street - Scottish Entertainment News
The seven red cars in question – creating an odd image on Frankfort street, Shawlands.                       (C) Linda Sutherland 

Each car shares an almost identical shade of red, similar shapes and look to have blacked out windows.

Linda, 38, snapped the peculiar sighting from her window and was surprised at the coincidental parking.

Linda, who is currently on maternity leave from her position as a user researcher, posted her unique image to Facebook on Friday writing: “Some kind of new special permit situation on Frankfort Street?”

The post now holds over 1,000 likes with dozens of Facebook users joking in their responses.

One user wrote: “Oh come on, the black car at the end!”

Another member wrote: “Each street should have to park their cars in colours.”

Another said: “That’s crazy!”

Whilst another commented: “Serious glitch in the Matrix.”

A view of Frankfort street Glasgow - Scottish Entertainment News
Frankfort Street in Glasgow when the matrix is functioning as intended                                                    (C) Google Maps 

Several viewers referred to the same “glitch in the Matrix” theory which refers to
firsthand accounts of small but puzzling occurrences that have no logical explanation.

The name comes from the movie, The Matrix, where a “glitch” drew someone’s attention to the fact that they were in a simulation.

Speaking today, Linda said: “It was on Thursday evening and I had just changed my baby’s nappy when my partner said to look out the window at the cars parked in the street.

“We thought it was funny that all the red cars were in a row, our car was one of them.

“It was just very random since it’s such a busy street you can never get a space, so I don’t think you could even do that on purpose if you tried!

“I took a photo to share on the Facebook page and it now has over 1.1k likes and lots of comments.

“I’ve enjoyed people’s reaction and efforts to give it a caption!

“It’s nice it gave people a laugh!”

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