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Kevin Ko: The Cryptocurrency Expert Taking the Market by Storm


The cryptocurrency market is known by investors for high volatility and ruthless nature. Competition is low in the market, but the stakes and risks are incredibly high. It’s a new digital currency that has created a buzz in the financial industry that is changing how payments are made. Many investors are attracted to the field, but only a few get to make it to a high level of success.

Among the few successful individuals in the market is Kevin Ko, a cryptocurrency expert who has mastered the trade’s art and makes big money moves. Kevin joined the cryptocurrency trade back in 2017, and since then, he has grown to become an expert in the game. After years of operating under the radar, he recently unmasked himself, helping thousands transform their fortunes in the crypto trade. Following the launch of the Crypto Kingz; it is a platform he seeks to use and continue assisting others in getting exposed in the space and, more importantly, educating them on how to manage their risks. Kevin is on the move to make his presence in the crypto market more visible and become a global household name in the trade. Besides, who would not want to be associated with the future?

Within the few years that he has been in the cryptocurrency trade, Kevin has been educating and helping different people develop portfolios based on their risk tolerance levels. He has so far established over 1000 portfolios for people in all walks of life – from your average joe to Hollywood superstars and social media influencers.

Kevin also doubles as a commercial Asset advisor, where he is a full-time broker based in Honolulu, HI. Last year, he was involved in sports cards and managed to help broker hundreds of deals as people constantly approached him seeking to find the next hot item.

He has always had a passion for investing and venturing into new opportunities. His entire life so far has been that of a serial entrepreneur. He started the Instapressed, a cold-pressed juice shop that he later sold in 2014. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Kevin has successfully built another brand, the Aloha Coffee in Honolulu, HI, and he is looking forward to begin selling it next month. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kevin is an all-rounded entrepreneur helping beginners and investors in different unique business spaces.

It is his mastery of Cryptocurrency that standouts out from the rest of his experiences.

He is obviously on the right track to becoming a force to reckon with in the crypto markets. His determination and desire to constantly learn while helping others is unmatched. He has packaged his brand to be more than just a cryptocurrency expert, investor, or coach. Kevin is looking at the bigger picture and intends to fully capitalize on the cryptocurrency’s promising future using the Crypto Kingz platform. The platform is open to everyone, and you should check it out for more resourceful insights on the cryptocurrency market. His advice to new investors or any other person interested in the cryptocurrency trade is not to focus on the challenges of market volatility. Instead, learn and get things right, and the rest will fall in place.

Kevin is a warm-hearted individual with a passion for helping others make their statements in different financial fields. If you want to get in touch with him, you can do so through his Instagram account.