Mum shocked after “Soft Scoop” ice cream snaps metal utensil in half


A MUM-OF-TWO was left shocked after her metal scoop completely snapped in half when tucking into some “Soft Scoop” vanilla ice cream.

Linzi Ann Taylor contacted Tesco yesterday to tell the supermarket that they owe her a new scoop after hers was broken by the solid ice cream.

The 34-year-old engineering student shared a picture of the completely broken utensil sitting on top of the almost undented tub of ice cream.

Not so "soft scoop" Tesco ice cream | Food and Drink News UK
Even though Linzi heated the scoop in warm water, she still couldn’t put a dent in the rock hard ice cream.   (C) Linzi Taylor

Despite heating the spoon in warm water, Linzi, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, was shocked to watch her spoon snap in two.

The images show small indents to the front right hand side of the tub where Linzi has tried, but failed, to carve the dessert into a bowl. 

Linzi posted shots of her Ms Molly’s Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream, exclusive to Tesco, branded sweet treat onto Facebook yesterday, writing: “Soft scoop? 

“It was so hard it broke my ice cream scoop.

“You owe me a new one!”

Linzi’s post has now collected dozens of likes and comments from Facebook users who are laughing at the unfortunate breakage. 

Craig Stanton wrote: “Put your scooper in the microwave for 20 seconds first to warm it up!”

Ross Allan Maslin said: “‘You owe me a new one!’”

“You owe yourself the knowledge to warm up the scoop first…

“Every little helps.”

Ross Allan Maslin commented: “Oh and why are you scooping? 

“Eat straight from the tub with a spoon (try not to bend it).”

Mum of two Linzi Taylor | Food and Drink News UK
Mum of two, Linzi Taylor.                                                                                                                        (C) Linzi Taylor

Matt Rathbone joked: “Who knew something frozen would be difficult to scoop.”

Speaking today Linzi said: “I got the ice cream out of the freezer and warmed the cookie dough pie we were having with it.

“I warmed the scoop in some hot water.

“When I went to scoop the ice cream it was still solid as a rock and snapped my scoop in half.

“I thought it was a sign that I probably shouldn’t eat it but I wasn’t gonna let a little thing like that bring me down.

“I purposely buy Soft Scoop to prevent stuff like that from happening because I have broken a couple of spoons in the past.”