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Richest Poker Players


Today, poker is played by millions of people in all corners of our large planet. Someone plays for the sake of pleasure, and someone for the sake of winnings, which become the main source of income. This money is earned by one’s own mind and endurance, applied to achieve this goal. Often, the gameplay in poker is associated with a certain risk – but, as they say, it is impossible to win without risk.

These days, poker is most often played in numerous online casinos operating on the Internet in the gamstop system. That being said, the UK has a fair number of safe casino not on gamstop that can offer decent options for poker and other gambling. Aggregators of online casino sites are called upon to decide on the choice of a virtual gaming portal, which make it possible to play any slot machines you like. There are many of them on the market and they all represent popular developers of gaming software.

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Professional poker players who earned the most – who are they?

It is necessary to understand that regular winnings in professional poker are the result of many days of training and accumulation of knowledge. Not all players manage to earn significant sums of money on an ongoing basis. For someone, a one-time hit in the prize-winners becomes a huge success, and someone in their short playing career has not managed to hit a decent jackpot, limiting themselves to small earnings.

Attempts to answer the question: “Who is the richest poker player on the planet today?” Is capable of confusing the most knowledgeable experts. The fact is that bank accounts are highly classified information. There are many private cash tournaments with very significant limits at closed tables in very prestigious casinos, the information of which is also classified. Therefore, the top successful people in the poker world are usually based on the official open live tournaments. After all, it is in them that the largest prize money in poker is drawn, which will easily exceed the annual income of any successful online cash player.

Highest Paid Poker Players Today

This list contains ten people whose official poker earnings are currently recognized by all and are the largest.

  1. Steve O’Dwyer

This American with Irish roots repeated the fate of many successful American poker players: he studied – witnessed the victory of Chris Moneymaker in the world championship – started playing freerolls – made his first deposit. In one of the 2007 tournaments, he won the prizes for the first time at the World Series.

For quite a long time, success bypassed him. But in 2013, Steve won the Monte Carlo tournament, earning over a million euros in the end. Then everything went like clockwork: he repeatedly got into the prize-winners of major tournaments, five times earned more than a million. Now his total winnings are $ 30.5 million.

  1. Jason Cook

Jason learned to play poker by accident when he was admitted to the hospital in his youth. Having no interest in gambling before, Cook became seriously interested in poker and a year later won a little over $ 300,000 at one of the major online tournaments.

Cook later moved on to live tournaments, in which his bankroll grew to 6 million. Today, his total winnings are $ 31.1 million.

  1. Stephen Chidwick

Steve is the most successful Briton of this top. He began his poker career as an online player at the very beginning of the 21st century. In 2019, Chidwick won his first World Series bracelet in his career, and he also has about $ 6 million in prize money online. At the same time, his total winnings for today are $ 34.3 million.

  1. Fedor Holz

Fedor was studying at one of the German universities when friends at school took him to poker. Holz is not yet 30 years old, but he has already conquered almost all the heights of poker. He has almost $ 33 million on his account.

  1. David Peters

And in David’s case, the push for poker came from Chris Moneymaker’s victory in the World Series Finals. The first competitions began with freerolls, where luck gradually began to smile at him. The result was two big wins with over a million dollars in prizes. Today he has $ 33.7 million in his account.

  1. Eric Seidel

Because of his love of poker, he dropped out of university at one time. In his over 60s, Eric has won 8 World Series bracelets, played 35 times at the final tables and made more than 90 prizes there.

Seidel’s largest one-time win of $ 2.5 million took place in Australia in 2011. Today his total winnings have exceeded $ 38 million.

  1. Dan Smith

This talented American has an interesting career. At six he was playing chess, at 16 – poker, and at 22 he had already become a millionaire. In 2012, he won the first place prize of a million dollars. The most successful year was 2018, in which he won over $ 12 million in several major tournaments at once. Smith has about $ 37 million in total.

  1. Daniel Negrianu

Probably the most famous poker player on the planet. He has 6 World Series bracelets and 108 prize hits. His advertising contracts were at least $ 3 million annually. He made $ 42 million in poker.

  1. Justin Bonomo

A three-time World Series bracelet winner, Justin has been particularly successful in high roller tournaments. He has almost 50 million.

  1. Bryn Kenny

Judging by the winnings, this is the best poker player to date. He started playing at the age of 16, and the first deposit was made in the name of his mother. Then off we go.

He got to the top of this rating because of one tournament – the Triton Million, which took place in the fall of 2019. Kenny won an incredible $ 20.5 million for 2nd place. His winnings are over $ 56 million.

Looking at the rating of poker players, you begin to understand that success can be achieved through hard work, dedication and an irrepressible desire to win. And of course, luck is also essential.