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EntertainmentDanny MacAskill filmed "slightly overcooking" stunt in hilarious blooper

Danny MacAskill filmed “slightly overcooking” stunt in hilarious blooper

SCOTS stunt rider Danny MacAskill has been captured “slightly overcooking” one of his tricks in a hilarious blooper clip.

The 35-year-old shared the cycling mishap on Facebook on Friday as he was filmed tumbling into a heap during one of his stunts.

The footage shows Danny’s tyre bouncing off a picnic bench in a wooded area before he hurdles himself down a muddy hill.

As he flips his bike backwards, the Scot can be seen tumbling backwards whilst clutching onto the handlebars.

Danny, originally from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, is then shown bouncing onto the ground and almost out of shot after failing to land the trick.

His friends can be heard bursting out laughing at the whole blunder before the clip ends.

Danny posted the clip onto his Facebook page, writing: “Slightly overcooked this one haha!

“I was just happy not to have broken my wrist while filming for our X Games part, it also gave me some ideas for tricks in the future.”

Danny MacAskill lying on the ground after overcooking a BMX trick - Scottish Sports News
Danny down after ‘overcooking’ a trick

So far, the video has gained more than 8,000 likes and over 500 shares.

Hundreds of followers have left comments on the post and praised the talented Scot for openly sharing his failed tricks.

Sandy Collins said: “Love this guy, always shows his mistakes rather than just the completed versions. Always impressed.”

Brian Hueffmeier commented: “Danny, you impress me more and more every time I watch you!

“Your tenacity is unmatched. You are an inspiration to anyone with minimal talent like myself! Ride on brother!”

Steve Brune wrote: “You’re still a complete bad ass Danny!”

Alex Garami said: “A rare moment when Danny lives in gravity, like the rest of us mortals do!”

Danny MacAskill bailing out of a grind - Scottish Sports News
Danny MacAskill living in gravity.

And Andrew Gibb added: “Even the very best stuff things up occasionally. Thanks Danny for sharing those moments.”

In January, Danny recently released a video, The Slabs, which saw him scale Sgurr Dubh Beag on the Isle of Skye.

The Scot was filmed riding down the mountain with his bike strapped to his back, before riding down a 900-metre route.

In February, Danny hit the headlines for a video showing him mastering an impressive, downhill, backwards wheelie.

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