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UncategorizedVictoria Kennedy shares her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur

Victoria Kennedy shares her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur

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Victoria Kennedy is a highly renowned public relations expert and entrepreneur. She started her PR agency Victorious PR in 2019 to help businesses diversify their sales channels through effective brand management and public relations strategies. Within the first three months, the business scaled up to generate a 6-figure revenue and is now on track to become a million-dollar company.

The idea of getting into public relations came when her successful career as an opera singer suddenly came to a halt. She used to travel all over Europe performing at various concerts and cathedrals. She even got the opportunity to perform with Andrea Bocelli. Her hit single topped the iTunes classical chart in Europe. All of that came to a dramatic end when the government rejected her application to renew her work visa. This is when she realized the necessity of public visibility. She understood that she can only monetize her talent if it is appreciated by people.

She started working on her public relations skills and soon began her next career with Victorious PR. The PR agency specializes in creating brand awareness programs, designing media strategies, developing media outreach, and social media verifications on Facebook and Instagram. The agency works with high-profile influencers, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and internet marketers, featuring them in renowned publications like Entrepreneurs Magazine, Inman News, ABC, Fox News, and Yahoo Finance.

Victoria Kennedy is also a TEDx speaker who conducts workshops and works as a business consultant to well-known organizations. She is a regular contributor to the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes. Victoria Kennedy is also a brand ambassador of Inman News. The inspiring story of her successful journey to becoming an entrepreneur was featured in more than 200 publications and podcasts.

Victoria Kennedy believes that PR is a wonderful tool to improve any business, be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Here are a few proven ways why PR can beat any other marketing solution to grow business.

How PR is the best strategy to accelerate business growth

  1. Cost-effective solution

Compared to high-end ad campaigns and marketing solutions, PR is a cost-effective way to widen the reach of the brand among target consumers. This makes it easier for even start-ups to include it in their budget.

2. More efficient in terms of reach

While marketing campaigns rely on targeted advertisements and emails to reach the audience, PR focuses on spreading a positive message to prospective customers. Public relations is all about spreading the brand’s message and effectively using various channels to reach interested customers.

3. Boosts brand identity

Public relations not only helps to widen the reach of the brand but also ensures its positive public perception. Often brands face a backlash due to poor reviews which can almost always be subdued by good public relations. This helps to boost brand identity and creates a trusted brand value.

4. Helps business networking

A business grows with a strong network. Starting from suppliers to consumers, everything depends on the strength of its network. This is where PR plays a vital role. It helps the business to maintain a good professional relationship with consumers, investors, and also suppliers, building an overall positive image of the brand.

Public relations in several ways has an edge over marketing and advertising. It is the most effective and safe way to improve a business while gaining more visibility.

Victoria Kennedy loves to stay in touch with her followers on Instagram and Facebook where she enjoys interacting with them.

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