Friday, May 20, 2022
NewsDisqualified Mercedes driver caught doing 130mph wearing studded football boots

Disqualified Mercedes driver caught doing 130mph wearing studded football boots

A DISQUALIFIED Mercedes driver was caught speeding at 130mph through two sets of red lights – whilst wearing a pair of studded Adidas football boots

The speeding motorist was caught by Burnley and Padiham Police in Lancashire at around 9pm last night. 

The Mercedes-AMG GLC driver, who had previously been disqualified from driving, was busted speeding at 130mph along a motorway.

The Police speedometer | Traffic News UK
The police speedometer caught the driver going at 131mph.                                               (C) Burnley and Padiham Police

Not only did the motorist run through two red lights but they were also driving the vehicle whilst wearing a pair of white, blue and black Adidas football boots. 

The driver’s large black Mercedes was later seized by cops at a nearby residential street.

Images show a grab from the police speed gauge clearly showing 131 miles per hour. 

Another image shows the dangerous driver showcasing his flashy light blue football boots which have the recognisable Adidas black stripes to one side. 

The dangerous driver’s vehicle was also pictured being loaded onto the back of a recovery vehicle.

Burnley and Padiham Police posted about the incident onto Facebook yesterday writing: “Was it the fact this driver was wearing football boots while driving? Or that he drove at 130mph and through two sets of red lights. 

The drivers blue studded football boots | Traffic News UK
Upon exiting the vehicle the driver was found to be wearing a pair of blue Adidas football boots.                                      (C) Burnley and Padiham Police

“Or maybe it was because he was a disqualified driver. 

“The answer is all of the above.
“Vehicle seized and driver reported for numerous offences.” 
The post has now collected over 300 likes and dozens of comments from shocked social media users.

Hassan Ali said: “When you lose at football so decide to get three points on the way home instead.”

Burnley and Padiham Police Facebook Post | Traffic News UK
Burnley and Padiham Police posted a record of the incident to Facebook last night.               (C) Burnley and Padiham Police

Dominic Martin Roché asked: “Did you use a siren or a whistle to bring the vehicle to a halt?”

Anthony Sharples joked: “He wants a hefty sentence just for wearing that colour football boots.”

Other Facebook members were horrified by the disregard for other road users. 

Karen Hillary Starkie said: “Another ‘I’m more important than everyone else’ lunatic off the road.

“Well done.”

Kim Horner commented: “The carnage he could have caused driving at that speed is unthinkable. 

“He deserves a hefty prison sentence!”

Jenny Abdoollah wrote: “Thank goodness he was caught.”

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