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Distressing images show four birds that were killed by sick thugs using catapults

DISTRESSING images show four birds that were killed after being targeted by sick thugs using catapults.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital vets were furious after taking in the birds who all had suffered fractured skulls from the impact of the attacks earlier this month.

The animals – two geese, a jay and a coot – were discovered by frantic locals in Gloucester Park in Basildon.

Volunteers rushed out where they discovered two injured geese and the two dead birds.

An image of four dead birds killed by thugs - Animal News
The innocent victims of loutish thugs (From left to right: Jay, Coot, and two Canada Geese)

Vets were later forced to euthanise the geese as their skulls were fractured beyond repair.

Speaking today, Sue Schwar, founder of the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, said: “It’s concerning to see this type of crime become more common in the area in the last few years, although this is the first time I’ve ever seen it happen at Gloucester Park.”

Schwar revealed that since the death of the four birds, the animal hospital has also discovered another two geese that were killed in the same way.

She added: “The weapons the attackers are using are causing a lot of pain, a ball bearing from a catapult usually imbeds itself – killing the bird quickly – but whatever they’re using is just bouncing off and leaving the bird to die slowly.”

Two Canada Geese killed by thugs - Animal News
A close-up image of the killed Geese, head trauma is evident

The wildlife hospital also posted about the incident on their Facebook page, writing: “We were called out to another goose earlier today and have a team at the venue again now for yet another.

“We had a very hectic day yesterday. As usual everyone was late going home and just as Joe was leaving we had a frantic call needing help for an injured goose.

“Joe raced to Gloucester park in Basildon where he found two birds killed and two birds injured by vandals with catapults.

An entrance to Gloucester Park from the roadside - Animal News
An entrance to Gloucester Park as seen from the road on Ghyllgrove

” All birds had fractured skulls so we had no option but to euthanize the live birds, the geese that Joe managed to spot and catch.

“This was just in one area, there may well be other injured birds elsewhere in the park.

“The police attended. Tom and Sue eventually got out of the hospital at 2am.

“They took the first call of the day at 6am.

“Dealing with deliberate cruelty on top of everything else we have to manage is heartbreaking to see and exhausting to deal with.

“We rarely disclose locations but are so angry about this we want folk to be extra vigilant in the area. We are sorry for the distressing photo.”

A dead Jay and Coot killed by thugs - Animal News UK
A close up of the slain Jay and Coot, pictured respectively

The Facebook post describing the incident by South Essex Wildlife Hospital generated a huge reaction from locals, with 1.7k reactions, 631 comments and 1.2k shares. 

Hayley Allerton said: “This is disgusting!

“The people that did this are sick.

“If they can do this to animals I wouldn’t put it past them to hurt humans. Hope they’re caught and found injured themselves! And then named publicly.”

Debbie Pierce Smith wrote: “Absolutely sickening. I was over Gloucester Park last week.

“I took some lovely photos of the geese with their babies, it was so beautiful to see them.

“These thugs want locking up. They’re probably the next bunch of serial killers. People that hurt animals can go on to hurt humans.”

Linda Ann Roberts added: “We recently have had several young men in the woods by us with catapults who do we report them to?

“We seem to have no luck finding the appropriate help, they are damaging trees as well.

“They threatened to shoot at my dog. They are quite aggressive.”

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