Scots historian Neil Oliver gets card addressed to someone who “needs a bloody haircut”


SCOTS TV historian Neil Oliver has been delivered a card from a fan over 4,000 miles away in the US that was addressed to someone who “needs a bloody haircut”.

Over recent months, the 54-year-old has been sharing some of the mail that Royal Mail has had to decipher – but his most recent one has been described as the best one yet.

The BBC Coast and Vikings presenter was delivered a card, posted on 19 May 2021 from Wichita, Kansas, addressed to: “Whenever he comes on TV my mum says ‘He needs a bloody haircut’.”

A letter to Neil Oliver - Scottish Celebrity News
The letter referenced in the article.                                                                                                 (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

The only area details that were handwritten on the white envelope were “Stirling, Scotland, UK”.

Oliver, known for his flowing black locks, shared a copy of the letter with his 76,000 followers on Twitter yesterday, writing: “How very dare you.”

The post has since gained over 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans who have been impressed by the postie’s delivery skills.

@fledermausmami2 wrote: “My favourite so far (but please don’t cut your hair!).”

@EllieK_Writer said: “The best one yet, but please leave your hair long!”

@5hellsbells commented: “Sorry Neil… That’s the best one yet!”

Neil Oliver's haircut - Scottish Celebrity News
Neil Oliver looking happy with his uncut hair.                                                                                   (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

Most followers left comments on the post to show how impressed they were with the postie.

@ColinKS64 wrote: “The PO must have employed Sherlock Holmes.”

@LaurieEllis3x said: “Oh I think this is just challenging the postie now. Clever.”

@RowenaLaThor commented: “Your postie is fabulous (and your hair of course).”

And @weaverology added: “Your postie deserves a MBE Neil.”

Oliver has been posting about the mail that has been getting delivered with limited information to his address in Scotland for months.

A pile of letters for Neil Oliver - Scottish Celebrity News
A pile of letters vaguely addressed to Neil Oliver.                                                                             (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

He is now so famous that if followers want to get a letter to him they only need to write his name and Scotland on the front of the envelope.

Last month, Oliver tweeted about how he was “impressed” after his postie delivered a handwritten letter that was merely addressed to: “You know the chap…” followed by the broad area of Stirling.

The broadcaster shared images in March showing how a parcel had come through his door which stated: “Long haired Scottish chap.

“Looks a bit like Dave Grohl these days, knows about old stuff.

“Got a postman that looks double hard, probably wears shorts all year.”

“Somewhere near Stirling, Scotland.”

Neil Oliver's post man looking proud - Scottish Celebrity News
Twitter users are impressed by the posties ability to find the letters intended recipient.                       (C) Neil Oliver Twitter

Days before, another arrived at his home saying: “The Scottish guy with the good hair who walks around the edge of the UK.”

And another letter has arrived reading: “The Rightful King of Scotland, Neil Oliver.”

Neil revealed to his Twitter users in the past how he would be holding onto the letters as a keepsake.