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Scots islander fuming after spotting “poison” stocked next to food in Tesco store

A SCOTS islander has been left fuming after spotting poison stocked right next to food in a Tesco store.

Janet Marshall from the Isle of Lewis said the supermarket must “really hate their customers” after finding weed killer just inches away from breakfast cereal.

Janet, a retired NHS worker, explained that she has spotted the dangerous placement in the Stornoway branch since last autumn.

Kellogg's cornflakes pictured next to Reslva weedkiller - Consumer News Scotland
Kellogg’s cornflakes pictured next to weedkiller, risking cross-contamination.                                          (C) Janet Marshall

The 67-year-old claims that the arrangement was briefly fixed but since a former store manager has left, staff have put the items close together again.

Janet feels that when attempting to resolve the issue with staff that she has been met with an “oh it’s her again” attitude.

The islander captured images showing a selection of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes rammed in next to two shelves of garden based chemicals.

On the upper shelf there are golden bottles of Miracle Gro Patch Magic, which is used to grow grass, whilst on the lower there are blue bottles of Resolva weed killer.

Janet shared the picture to Facebook yesterday, writing: “Tesco must really hate its customers!

“I’ve been asking them not to put poisons next to food stuff for months.

“For a while things were moved around so were safer.

“But once their good manager left, they are being sloppy again and seem oblivious to the message it is giving, let alone the potential danger.”

Facebook users were shocked by the placement.

A picture of Tesco, Stornoway - Consumer News Scotland
The Tesco superstore in Stornoway.                                                                                                       (C) Google Maps 

Teàrlach Quinnell wrote: “Shouldn’t be selling the damn stuff anyway.”

Elaine Lemm Blenkinsop said: “What the…that’s ridiculous.”

Davey Harris commented: “Ah to be sure they think it is fibre because it has a plant on it.

“But seriously this is a blatant breach of food standards and why aren’t Environmental Health checking for this.”

Speaking today Janet said: “I first noticed the bad placement last autumn when I brought it to the attention of a manager who immediately moved the offending products himself.

“He left a few months ago and not only are they back to their old ways but nothing happens when I raise the issue.

“I get a sense of ‘oh it’s her again’ when I do speak out.

“I notice that there is not even a thin Perspex sheet between food and non-food items.”

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