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Speeding motorist found with fake Heinz bean tin full of cocaine

POLICE officers pulled over a speeding motorist and later found a fake Heinz baked bean tin in the car that was stuffed with £2,400 worth of cocaine.

Traffic cops in Wexford in the Republic of Ireland also found £860 rammed inside the bean tin – alongside the stash of white powder on Tuesday.

The driver was pulled over by the Garda as it was speeding through Wexford at 96 miles per hour.

The drugs and money found in the fake bean tin - Police News
The cash, cocaine, and the fake tin of beans they were packed in.                                                   (C) An Garda Síochána 

The motorist was found to be disqualified from driving and police found a suspicious looking Heinz tin in the car after it was seized and searched.

Upon opening the tin €1000 – or £860 – in unexplainable cash was found – alongside €2800 – or £2400 – worth of cocaine.

An Garda Síochána (Irish traffic police) revealed the dodgy dealer’s arrest via Twitter on Tuesday, writing: “We’re going to spill the beans on this one…

“Wexford Gardaí detected a vehicle doing 155kmph recently. Gardaí stopped the vehicle & discovered driver was disqualified.

Close-up on fake tin of Heinz beans - Police News
The fake tin of beans referenced in the article, take notice of the suspicious looking lid.                    (C)  An Garda Síochána 

“Car seized & searched, €1000 in cash & €2800 of cocaine discovered hidden in a fake food container.”

The fake branded beans are known to be a popular “stash” item for drug users that wish to hide their illicit activities.

Decoy items like this are known to police, but are more commonly used by festival-goers than drug dealers.

Other fake decoy items include: dictionaries, candles, packets of crisps, soft drinks, and even hollow rocks.

A promotional image for decoy stash items - Police News
A promotional image for the decoy tin of beans, demonstrating how to stash items.                                        (C) Amazon

Dozens of social media users commented on the post, with many leaving jokes about the incident.

@qwinner1 said: “In HEINZ sight, he should have BEAN more careful, looks like he’s heading for the can now.”

@FreetheTHC1 commented: “Moral of the story – Don’t get high on your own supply.”

And @marty1a1 wrote: “If only the driver had of ‘bean’ doing the speed limit.”

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