Video shows moment cops pull over Skoda Octavia with nine people inside


WATCH the shocking moment cops pulled over a red Skoda Octavia with nine people inside – including two fully grown women in the boot. 

North Yorkshire Police said they were “totally took by surprise” by the rammed and uninsured vehicle that they spotted in Malton, North Yorkshire last week. 

A total of nine people were found crammed inside the red vehicle, including five in the back seat and two in the boot.  

Upon closer inspection the police discovered that two of the vehicle’s doors couldn’t open.

Two of the motor’s front tyres were also found to be so worn down that the inner cord was exposed. 

North Yorkshire Police seized the vehicle and reported the driver for dangerous driving and having no insurance. 

The shocking video shows a police officer in a blue jacket approaching the car and asking the passengers to exit the vehicle.

Nine people exiting the car | Traffic News UK
The traffic police were socked to discover the car had nine people inside, including two women in the boot.

Five passengers then exit from the rear left door before one passenger opens the boot, allowing two other fully grown adults to climb out.  

North Yorkshire Police posted the shocking footage to Facebook yesterday, writing: “We always expect the unexpected when we stop a vehicle… 

“But this one took us totally by surprise.

“NINE people in an uninsured, unroadworthy Skoda Octavia.

“If it had been involved in a collision, the consequences don’t bear thinking about. It would have caused utter carnage.

“We’re continuing our targeted road safety deployments throughout the summer and beyond, to keep everyone safe and take illegal drivers and vehicles off the road.”

The police officers body cam showing the number of passengers | Traffic News UK
The police officers body cam showed how there were five passengers in the back seats.                 (C) North Yorkshire Police

The post has now collected over 500 likes, with hundreds of comments and shares from Facebook users who were 

Richard Johnson wrote: “Well done, another liability off the road.”

Julie Longden said: “Wow how is that possible? 

“They aren’t little people either.”

Catherine Nelly Andrews commented: “Wow… 

“I’m surprised they could actually breath!”

Mark Whiteley replied: “Glad it’s off the road…”

Linda Cairns also said: “Unbelievable, but it happened. 

“Keep up the good work NYP.”