“This is f****** brilliant” Scots painter pays tribute to boxing champ Josh Taylor


A SCOTS painter has paid tribute to the undisputed Scottish boxing boxing champ Josh Taylor by painting a portrait of him wearing a crown.

Chris Harland painted the incredible piece on Sunday after Taylor solidified himself as undisputed super-lightweight champion in his successful bout with Jose Ramirez. 

Chris, 37, took around two hours to complete the outstanding painting which paid homage to Taylor’s history making win in the early hours of Sunday morning.

An amazing time-lapse video shows Chris, from Glasgow, carefully crafting the colourful creation. 

To begin with Chris makes a colourful background of blue, green, yellow and pink. 

He then begins to draw the outlines to the world champion’s face, honouring him by giving him a suitable spiked crown on top of his head. 

The video then shows Chris deepening the detail as he adds shade and depth to the painting. 

Chris finally adds the finishing touches of colour to the piece, bringing the 30-year-old Scots boxer to life. 

Chris Harland paints Josh Taylor | Scottish News
Chris painted the stunning canvas on Sunday, after Taylor’s historic win against Jose Ramirez.

Chris posted the video onto Twitter on Wednesday writing: “Josh Taylor ‘No Proof Needed’. 

“I’ve been asked by a few about painting this national hero, luckily he’s been on the list for a while…my tribute.” 

Josh gave the painting his seal of approval by re-tweeting the post, writing: “Excuse the French, but this is f****** brilliant”.

The post now holds over 1,000 likes with hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from Twitter users who loved the creation. 

@gazstevo wrote: “Amazing work mate.”

@A1do_84 commented: “Don’t stop the videos, they show your tremendous artwork coming together.”

Chris Harland holds Josh Taylor Painting | Scottish News
Chris holds his wonderful Josh Taylor canvas creation.

@Marty_Mc said: “Amazing work as always Chris. 

“Love watching your process.”

@weemanus67 replied: “Quality pure art. 

“You’re both good with hands on a canvas.”

Speaking today Chris said: “I decided to paint this one on Sunday morning but have been wanting to get one done for a while.

“Josh was really nice to share on different platforms and upon messaging him he got back to me to say he loves it.

“I watched highlights of his fight and while I was making my video I went through all his others.

“Josh has captured a nation’s attention with his achievements.

“It’s great to have another spotlight shining on Scotland for all the right reasons.

“On a whole I’m happy and really proud with the reaction it got, there’s plenty more to come.

“I’m really happy he took the time out of his day to share on his socials.

“It’s great to get noticed by the people I paint and it’s always a much needed confidence boost.”