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NewsGP receptionist snaps what she believes could be a UFO

GP receptionist snaps what she believes could be a UFO

A GP receptionist has snapped a photograph of a flying silver object in the sky – which she believes could be a UFO. 

Rachel Wallden snapped the bizarre image from outside her home in Saffron Walden, Essex on Monday which she said was not visible to the naked eye.

The 46-year-old claimed that herself, a neighbor and a friend were unable to see the object as they watched rain clouds forming in the sky.

The picture Rachel took of the rain clouds | UFO News UK
Rachel originally snapped the picture because of the impressive rain clouds approaching.                        (C) Rachel Wallden

It was only when Rachel looked back at the images that she noticed the silver, oval object floating in the midst of one of her images.

The snap shows a neighbour’s decking whilst in the distance, above the tree line, there are dark thunderous clouds approaching. 

A plane was captured to the left of the shot – alongside a flying saucer shape directly in the centre.

The disc-shaped object appears to be shiny and glimmering at the front.

Speaking today, Rachel said: “I have no plausible explanation for what it is.

“As I can’t explain it, I feel it could well be a UFO.

I am therefore of the opinion that it is certainly unidentifiable and unexplainable and a flying object so I do believe it’s a UFO.

Rachel continued: “I was having a cup of tea with my neighbour and a friend in her garden. 

“We have horses and were watching the weather to decide if we should get the horses in before the rain came. 


The unidentified silver object | UFO News UK
Rachel has no explanation as to what the object could be.                                                                   (C) Rachel Wallden

“As we were sitting on her deck the light was amazing, bright sunshine on us and a huge black cloud above the stables. 

“I had my phone on the table and took a photo of the sky. My phone took three rapid pictures, despite only pressing the button once, and this is the picture it took. 

“It wasn’t until I looked more closely that I realised it was a ‘something’. 

“This was not visible in the sky when we were sitting outside. 

“None of the three of us saw anything. 

“The rain had not started yet. 

“There were no birds flying over that we saw. 

“I don’t have a chip on the lens on my phone camera. 

“I have no idea what it is and I definitely do not have the time nor the inclination to ‘stage’ a UFO or create a hoax picture.”

Rachel uploaded the images onto Facebook on Monday, writing: “Taken today Essex. 

“iPhone camera took three rapid shots and I noticed this after. 

“Plane to the left is a super sharp image. 

“We didn’t see anything with the naked eye but this has shown up in the photo?

“Any ideas what this may be?”

The post has now collected hundreds of likes and comments from Facebook users who were mixed in their responses. 

Tony Baker said: “Definitely a UFO.”

The unidentified silver object | UFO News UK
The object was invisible to the naked eye, with Rachel and her two friends not spotting it until afterwards.                        (C) Rachel Wallden

Barbara Chapman wrote: “Great catch.”

Hywel Stewart added: “Another thing to notice is the foreground, clearly in focus.

“The trees, foreground, still reasonably in focus and the plane good enough you can almost see the wings. 

“The object is the only thing which is fuzzy. 

“Many people report seeing a haze around uap (unidentified aerial phenomena), and if you look closely there is a faint trail from the left side of the craft. 

“Do they fade in and out of visibility or are they shielded by an energy aura?

“Answers on a postcard.”

However, Bryan Upfield commented: “Isn’t the highlight of light in the wrong place?

“I don’t think it’s a large object far away. 

“It’s small and closer to the camera. Look at the shadow of the table.”

Hywel Stewart replied: “There’s a common theme to a lot of photos taken of uap, images are not visible to the naked eye.

“They are only spotted on the photographs taken.”

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